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1. Do not blow your nose

For the few weeks after a rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, your nasal area will be in a delicate state and highly sensitive. So you will have to avoid overtly blowing your nose and sniffing. In order to alleviate the strain on your nose, you can try breathing through your mouth instead. And when you feel a sneeze coming on, try sneezing with your mouth open.

2. Steer clear of demanding activities

For at least a month after your nose job, you should avoid strenuous exercise, which includes running, weight lifting and aerobics. And swimming has to be put on hold for at least 6 weeks.

3. Avoid wearing clothes which you have to pull over your head

When you have to pull clothes over your head in order to get them on, you might bump your nose and slow down the recovery process considerably. Wearing button-down shirts, dresses or tops will help your nose heal faster.

4. Do not clean the inside of your nose

Nasal discharge and bleeding are common symptoms after a rhinoplasty and can occur for the first few weeks after the surgery. Do not use a Q-tip or tissue to clean the inside of your nose.

5. Do not take any inflammatory medication

These meds enlarge blood vessels, which can potentially increase bleeding and swelling, thereby increasing the healing time.

6. Abstain from alcohol and smoking

While alcohol increases the risk of excessive bleeding, smoking slows down the healing process considerably, so it is essential to avoid both for at least the first few weeks after a nose job.

7. Avoid excessive chewing and extreme facial expressions

It is best to eat those types of food that require you to exercise less effort in chewing. Similarly, try and abstain from laughing or making other facial expressions that require you to move your facial muscles more than you have to.

8. Stay away from direct sunlight

Since the nose is sensitive after a rhinoplasty, direct sunlight can bring about discoloration. Even if you do go out in the sun, it is vital to use a sunscreen with a high SPF to mitigate the risk of this happening.

9. Do not make important decisions

This rule of thumb is applicable to the first two days post surgery because the effect of the anesthesia and the trauma sustained to your nasal area might hamper your judgment.

10. Avoid comparing results

No two rhinoplasties are the same. By making a fully informed decision in consultation with your surgeon prior to the rhinoplasty, you will avoid any disappointments further down the line.


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