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Why should I get rhinoplasty?

Why should you get a rhinoplasty? Are there medical reasons to get a nose job? Below are just some of the reasons one might undergo rhinoplasty surgery.

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Dorsal hump

The most common reason for rhinoplasty, a dorsal hump refers to the bump or prominence of the bridge of the nose. While patients with a dorsal hump are often happy with their appearance from the front, they are usually unhappy with how their nose looks from the profile or three quarters view. A dorsal hump is the most common reason for patients to seek rhinoplasty.

While a dorsal hump may seem like a straightforward issue to correct, it actually requires the technical skill and artistry of a seasoned professional. With precise techniques developed over decades of experience, Dr. Torki

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Long nose

The length of the nose is measured from the top of the bridge between the eyes to the tip of the nose. The length of one’s nose may appear longer due to a dorsal hump, or when the tip droops below the nostrils. In either case, such patients are generally seeking a reduction of length to achieve a greater balance with their other facial features.

In correcting a long nose, Dr. Torkian’s objective is to reduce or flatten the bridge. Additionally, he may conservatively elevate the angle of the tip, if required. All corrections are done with total precision and refinement to produce the most natural result possible.

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Short nose

Short noses are usually encountered after a surgical procedure has already been performed with over-elevation of the tip. Occasionally, however, a person may be born with a nose that is inherently short, causing the tip to appear upturned.

Dr. Torkian’s approach to short noses is twofold: by elevating the bridge and lowering the angle of the tip, he seeks to create a nose that provides perfect proportion in comparison with the rest of the face. A short nose rhinoplasty is unique because it actually adds volume to the nose, sculpting it into the ideal shape.

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Wide nose

A nose can be wide in the bridge, the tip or the nostrils. In certain ethnic patients, such as African or Asian, a wide nose is due to a low bridge. Dr. Torkian can adjust this during ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. In other patients, the nasal bones are splayed outward, resulting in a bridge with a wide base.

In order to correct a wide nose, Dr. Torkian uses a variety of techniques. In the case of correcting a wide nose on ethnic patients, the approach is highly individualized. As a board certified specialist in facial plastic surgery, Dr. Torkian can help virtually any patient achieve their cosmetic goals.

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Twisted nose

A twisted nose is most often the result of trauma. A twisted nose is not only cosmetically displeasing, it can also contribute to functional issues such as breathing difficulty. Patients seeking correction of a twisted nose are frequently concerned about both the cosmetic and functional aspects.

Dr. Torkian is not only a specialist in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, he is also a specialist in head and neck surgery. This combination of specialties allows him to not only correct a twisted nose and make it beautiful, it also allows him to make breathing smooth and comfortable.

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Small changes

In certain cases, any of the above issues may exist to a very small degree. A patient may have a very minor dorsal hump, or the nasal tip may be just a sliver too wide. Patients may feel even the most minor issue detracts from their overall appearance.

With a keen sense of aesthetic balance, Dr. Torkian may recommend very conservative changes to correct noses that are overall well shaped but lack balance in their features. Small changes can be performed with meticulous attention to detail.

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Functional and Sinus Issues

Whether inherent or caused by trauma to the face, functional issues in the nose can contribute to discomfort and low quality of life. For the most part, nasal function is solely concerned with breathing and the ease or difficulty thereof.

While Dr. Torkian is certainly a cosmetic specialist, he is also a functional specialist, having trained extensively in head and neck surgery and endoscopic sinus surgery. His mastery of nasal anatomy is exceptional and has allowed him to help countless patients overcome functional issues of the nose. If you have a deviated septum, enlarged turbinates, frequent sinus infections, nasal septal perforation, or any other nasal issue, Dr. Torkian may be the perfect surgeon to help you find relief with functional rhinoplasty.

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