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Dr. Behrooz Torkian

In the field of plastic surgery, it is best to have a surgeon who is focused on one or two areas of practice. Through his entire career as a Beverly Hills rhinoplasty and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Behrooz Torkian has dedicated his attention to the face, head and neck, becoming an absolute specialist in cosmetic and reconstructive techniques for these crucial areas. His speciality procedures include rhinoplasty, facelifts and eyelid surgery, to name a few.

With double board certification in both facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), Dr. Torkian is a highly qualified specialist in surgery of the head, neck, and face (including the nose). If you are seeking a surgeon who is among the best in Beverly Hills, please contact our office today.

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Nose surgery, also known as rhinoplasty, is a delicate procedure to correct cosmetic flaws in one’s nose. With a reputation for delivering among the best rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has available, Dr. Torkian’s technique is remarkably versatile, helping any patient achieve natural, beautiful results. Dr. Torkian specializes in revision procedures as well.

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Best Rhinoplasty Surgeon Los Angeles

Offering a variety of facial cosmetic and reconstructive options, Dr. Torkian's cosmetic excellence is second to none. From brow lifts to chin augmentation and everything in between, he has helped countless patients find the beauty they deserve. If you are interested in premier facial procedures (including facelifts), Dr. Torkian may be the perfect fit.

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In the realm of cosmetic surgery, visual results are of the utmost importance in deciding who will perform your procedure. Many patients choose plastic and rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Torkian based solely on before and after photos of previous patients. Please take your time and browse through our gallery to see Dr. Torkian’s stunning results.

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Your Face & Nose Specialist: Dr. Torkian

There are few facial and nose surgeons in Los Angeles or anywhere else who are more focused than Dr. Behrooz Torkian. After earning his medical degree, virtually all his training has been concentrated on two fields:

– Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery
– Head and neck surgery, otherwise known as otolaryngology

As a board-certified specialist in both fields, Dr. Torkian can help with any cosmetic issues from the neck up, having an in-depth understanding of all types of facelifts and neck lifts, to eyelid surgery and more. He's also highly trained in administering injectables, such as Radiesse, Voluma, BOTOX and more. With his knowledge extending deep below the skin into the intracranial structures, Dr. Torkian’s treatment is not only cosmetically effective, it is remarkably safe as well.

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Premier Rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills

In delivering nose surgery, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Torkian considers everything about the patient. While this primarily includes what the patient is looking to achieve, it also includes the patient’s natural facial structure. In performing this surgery, Dr. Torkian’s purpose is not just to sculpt a beautiful nose, it is also to create balance and symmetry with the patient’s other facial features. By delivering 100% unique results to every patient, Dr. Torkian provides among the best rhinoplasty Beverly Hills has to offer. If you're looking for a skilled nose surgeon to perform your procedure, Dr. Torkian may be just the one you're looking for.

Nose Surgeon Beverly Hills

With board certification in facial plastic surgery and otolaryngology, Dr. Torkian is a top nose surgeon in Los Angeles. He understands the importance of both a beautiful nose and a beautifully functioning one, so he combines this knowledge to achieve some of the best results. As a specialist in nasal surgery, he considers every aspect of his patient’s facial structure as he creates a natural and refined result. This dedication can be seen during your initial consultation with Dr. Torkian. Part of your examination will include scans of your nose and face using the three-dimensional imaging machine called the Vectra®, developed by Canfield Imaging Systems. These scans are key to Dr. Torkian, letting him show you what your nose will look like after your procedure, and helping him develop the surgical plans he needs to strive for the best rhinoplasty.

Of all the facial plastic and cosmetic surgeries, rhinoplasty requires the highest level of surgical excellence. Dr. Torkian understands the subtleness needed for male nose jobs as well as how precise structural revisions can create a beautiful nose during female nose surgery. His expertise has led him to be sought after for his ethnic nose and revision rhinoplasty procedures, as well as the nonsurgical nose job options he offers.


Featured Facial Procedures


As the ultimate youth restoration procedure, a facelift offers patients an opportunity to tighten and tuck their facial skin that may be drooping or sagging. With Dr. Torkian’s precise technique and aesthetic eye, patients have nothing to lose but the years.


Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is a precise, delicate procedure to fix a drooping lid or bags under the eyes. Whether you’re considering upper or lower eyelid surgery, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Torkian has delivered countless successful procedures, assuring you of a great result.

Eyelid Surgery

Chin Augmentation

Because beauty depends primarily on balance between facial features, an underdeveloped chin can greatly detract from one’s appearance. Dr. Torkian’s custom tailored chin augmentation restores balance and confidence for each of his patients, helping them look their best.

Chin Augmentation

Comprehensive, Personalized Facial Consultation

As an initial step with every patient in his office, Dr. Torkian performs a comprehensive consultation. The purpose of this consultation is twofold:

  1. Establish your cosmetic goals
  2. Combine your cosmetic goals with Dr. Torkian’s professional knowledge, creating the ideal treatment plan

Constantly striving to deliver the best Beverly Hills nose job, Dr. Torkian takes this consultation one step further. He uses a three dimensional imaging machine called the Vectra®, developed by Canfield Imaging Systems. Rather than using only communication to describe the result, Dr. Torkian can use this device to visually demonstrate the upcoming results of any cosmetic procedure he delivers. Further, patients can customize their own surgery by adjusting the results until it is exactly to their personal specification. With the Canfield Vectra, Dr. Torkian establishes complete understanding between doctor and patient, which is invaluable in the field of cosmetic surgery and crucial for good results for any facial plastic surgeon in Los Angeles.

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