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Ethnic Rhinoplasty: Cosmetic Perfection With Full Functionality

While the gallery displays exceptional cosmetic results from our ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills patients, it is important for patients to remember that Dr. Torkian considers the full picture—despite the fact that most patients are primarily concerned with the appearance of their nose, he maintains sensitivity to the functional aspect as well.

As a board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon, he has complete control over nasal functionality in every ethnic nose job delivered.

In some cases, he can even improve a patient’s breathing by correcting a deviated septum or some other functional flaw, making it better than it was before rhinoplasty.

Even though patients’ first concern may be their nose’s appearance, they often get the valuable secondary benefit of smooth, comfortable breathing.


Patient Testimonial

Dr. Torkian was great every step of the way. I love my nose so much and I recommend him to everyone for anything they wish to do on their face. He is the guy to go see to make you look your absolute best and make you look like the you that you imagined yourself to be naturally. I will trust no one else.

- Patient Testimonial

Ethnic Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Dr. Torkian is among the most qualified surgeons performing ethnic rhinoplasty in the area. Due to his reputation, he is often sought out to revise or repair rhinoplasty that has not met the expectations of his ethnic patients. Ethnic rhinoplasty presents challenges that must be fully understood to obtain the best results possible.

Asian noses often have a bridge that is low and wide. In addition, the tip may be rounded and lack projection, leaving the patient with an overly wide nose. Conversely, Middle Eastern noses often have a pronounced dorsal hump with a tip that can be too long or point down.

Dr. Torkian customizes each surgical plan to compliment the features of his patient so that the nose fits the face without changing overall appearance.

The changes are measured in very small increments, usually millimeters. Yet these tiny changes bring the nose into harmony with the rest of the face without being obvious.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Most plastic surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is the most challenging procedure they do. The nose presents a three dimensional structure which also contains delicate and vital functional properties.

Revision rhinoplasty sets the bar even higher as tissues and bone may be very thin after primary rhinoplasty, particularly if there has been overly aggressive work done on bone or cartilage.

Patients seeking the best ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, look for a surgeon who can balance their features without minimizing their ethnic heritage.

In Dr. Torkian, ethnic patients with unsatisfactory results can rest assured that they have found a surgeon with a wide range of experience both in primary and revision rhinoplasty as well as reconstructive plastic surgery.

His work is considered top tier among his colleagues as well as his many delighted patients due to his meticulous attention to the smallest detail and his ability to reconstruct and repair the delicate structure of the nose.

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Incision Options

Dr. Behrooz Torkian offers two different options for incisions based on nose structure and issue that is in need of being corrected. A rhinoplasty is performed to modify genetic nasal characteristics, the complexity of the procedure can vary greatly. Your incision options are Open and Closed.

Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills - Dr Torkian

Your Highly-Trained Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Surgeon

Meet Dr. Torkian

The rhinoplasty procedure to correct ethnic or genetic concerns requires experience-born skill to enhance the nose in a way that enhances the entire face. Being off by even two millimeters can affect the alignment, harmony, and balance of the facial structure.

African, Asian, Persian and all other ethnicities can have confidence and trust in Dr. Torkian’s precision and artistry when it comes to improving the aesthetics of the nose and bringing out the natural beauty of the features.

You want a nose that is sculpted to character and vitality of your face. This is why Dr. Torkian is one of the most sought after cosmetic surgeons in Beverly Hills.

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For a facial plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is recognized for his outstanding skills in ethnic rhinoplasty, schedule an appointment with Dr. Torkian.

His approach is to create a custom surgical plan that honors your background, while creating a nose structure that enhances your best features.

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