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Unlike the clinical, anonymous ambience of a hospital, our administrative team matches the friendliness of our office, with each member united towards your successful, comfortable treatment. From initial consultation to full recovery, our office has the sole goal of providing among the best cosmetic care in the area.

Meet Dr. Torkian Your Highly-Trained Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty Surgeon

When your nose presents breathing problems, such as with a deviated septum, obstructive deformities and other issues, several different surgical techniques may be employed to restore clear, healthy breathing function. Dr. Torkian is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon who has mastered the full range of the most modern corrective surgical techniques.

This means you receive the exact procedures needed to address your individual breathing issues, with attention on achieving the optimum cosmetic enhancement for your facial appearance. Dr. Torkian is one of the most sought-after rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills because his results create an overall aesthetic look that doesn’t call attention to the work done on your nose.

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Private, on-site surgery center

Unlike many cosmetic surgeons who use a separate hospital for their surgeries, Dr. Torkian performs his work in a private, on-site surgery center within the Lasky Clinic. This surgery center contains three state of the art operating rooms, fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This means that our operating rooms adhere to the same safety standards as the top hospitals in the world. By offering a private, convenient facility, the Lasky Clinic has raised the standard of cosmetic surgical care.

What people are saying about Dr. Torkian

I had a rhinoplasty procedure about three weeks ago. I couldn't be happier with the results. More importantly, I am glad that I chose Dr. Torkian because he has been one of the most professional surgeons I've met. His staff is also friendly and helpful. I researched many surgeons in the area, and although Dr. Torkian wasn't the cheapest option, I think that the quality of his work was well worth it.

I have been going to see Dr. Torkian for six years, and he is an amazing doctor and person. After all of this time, I know that he makes recommendations based on what I want and what is best for me, not what will make him more money. His staff is friendly and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Torkian to family and friends.

Dr. Torkian is a true artist. He performed my blepharoplasty and Restylane injections on my eyes. I am very pleased with the results. I asked that he merely give me a "refreshed" look, I wasn't interested in a total transformation. And that is just what I got. My eyes couldn't look better - I just look more like myself, not like someone else's vision of what I should look like.

I can say with confidence that I will only see Dr. Torkian from now on for touch ups and fillers. There's nothing negative I can say about this man or his team, so if you're serious about rhinoplasty or revision (this is his specialty, and he only performs facial plastic surgery), it is to your benefit to meet with him for a consultation.



For facial plastic surgery, the skills and experience of your surgeon matter.

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