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While Dr. Torkian is a specialist in traditional rhinoplasty, he has also refined his technique for the nonsurgical approach. Always careful to consider his patients’ exact desires, he uses facial fillers to sculpt a nose that is proportionate, balanced and beautiful.

With a reputation for delivering the best non surgical rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, he may just be the perfect fit to help you get the nose you’ve always wanted. Please read below to learn more or call our office to schedule an appointment.

Overview of Non Surgical Rhinoplasty

While traditional rhinoplasty alters the shape and size of the nose by making permanent changes to the underlying structure, nonsurgical rhinoplasty uses temporary facial fillers to actually add volume to the nose where it is needed. With his precise, artistic use of facial fillers, Dr. Torkian has incredible control over how non surgical rhinoplasty can alter a patient’s appearance. As one example, he can use facial fillers to reduce a dorsal hump in a way that looks natural and elegant. As a general overview, Dr. Torkian can use facial fillers in the following ways:

  • Increase the height of the nasal dorsum, or bridge
  • Sculpt a more refined nasal tip
  • Straighten the bridge
  • Correct a dorsal hump by adding volume around it
  • Correct a crooked nose and add symmetry
  • Improve other flaws from a previous rhinoplasty

Most commonly, Dr. Torkian uses hyaluronic acid-based facial fillers to perform non-surgical rhinoplasty. These include JuvedermRadiesse and Restylane Silk in Beverly Hills. Each of these fillers mimics your body’s natural collagen, creating a look that is natural and conservative.

A non surgical rhinoplasty can last anywhere from nine months to a year, at which point the filler will break down and leave your body through natural biochemical processes. As your body breaks down the facial filler, your nose will not look deformed or misshapen—it will simply return to its original size and shape.

To learn more about how you may benefit from a non surgical rhinoplasty, please call our office to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Torkian. In addition, you can learn about the benefits of our surgical nose job.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Patient Testimonial

I can say with confidence that I will only see Dr. Torkian from now on for touch-ups and fillers. There's nothing negative I can say about this man or his team, so if you're serious about rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills (this is his specialty, and he only performs facial plastic surgery), it is to your benefit to meet with him for a consultation.

- Patient Testimonial

Revision Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills - Dr Torkian

Your Highly-Trained Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty Surgeon

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Although non surgical rhinoplasty offers a minimally invasive “liquid rhinoplasty” convenience with little downtime, this procedure should be performed by a leading plastic surgeon with a deep understanding of the various dermal fillers, the structure of the nose, and how to bring about the greatest improvement.

The injections must be placed where they do not risk vascular compromise – impeding blood flow or causing direct internal blockage. At the same time, the injected filler needs to be placed where it will create the most significant improvement in the overall facial appearance. You can trust Dr. Torkian to perform a non-surgical rhinoplasty correctly, and with an uncommon level of skill and artistry.

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A non surgical rhinoplasty, when performed by Dr. Torkian, can smooth the appearance of a hump, raise nose tip, or resolve issues such as asymmetry. To find out if you are a candidate for this custom non surgical procedure, call and schedule a consultation with Dr. Torkian, one of the nation’s most acclaimed nose surgeons. Call today.



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