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Primary among these amenities, we have forged an alliance with a premier aftercare facility located in beautiful Santa Monica. This recovery retreat is the perfect destination for post-surgical care.

Welcome to Serenity

Beverly Hills Hotel for Rhinoplasty Patients
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After Care Facilities

With a coastal breeze and the very best of Los Angeles weather, Serenity is the perfect aftercare facility to help patients during their delicate recovery period. Located in a state and federal-licensed healthcare center, Serenity not only represents the highest standard of post-operative care, it also features five-star amenities to keep patients comfortable and happy during their recovery.

Cosmetic medical procedures require specialized attention during the healing process to ensure the best possible results. At Serenity, skilled post-operative nursing care is provided to help all patients get the most from their cosmetic procedure.

Total privacy, luxurious comfort and excellence in post-surgical care are the defining characteristics of this leading aftercare retreat. At the office of Dr. Torkian, we want to ensure our patients only get the very best. If you have further questions about post-surgical care, please call our office today.

Pearl Recovery Center

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After Care Facilities
After Care Facilities

The Pearl Recovery Center is a private retreat located in the 5-star SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. On top of being conveniently located near to many hospitals and medical centers throughout Los Angeles, the center offers state-of-the-art amenities to cater to your every need while you are recovering. Most importantly the facility providers a private, serene and comfortable center where you can receive the pampering and tranquility you need in a confidential manner. We want our patients to have the very best experience possible following their surgery. That is why we recommend Pearl. If you have any further questions about aftercare, please call us today.

After Care Facilities


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