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Ride the Next Wave of Injectable Wrinkle Relaxers with Dr. Torkian

At Dr. Torkian, where innovation meets artistry, DAXXIFY® is a new and remarkable solution for those seeking enduring results in the treatment of frown lines. If you’re hoping for a minimally invasive procedure that may last longer than BOTOX®, it’s time you got to know DAXXIFY®!

A Long-Lasting Solution

Are you tired of frequent touch-ups and short-lived results with conventional frown line treatments? DAXXIFY® in Beverly Hills with Dr. Torkian offers a transformative experience, potentially lasting up to twice as long as other options. 

Clinical studies reveal that at least 50% of patients still enjoy no or minor frown lines six months after treatment, with some experiencing noticeable improvement up to nine months later. This extended duration is a game-changer, providing individuals with a naturally refreshed, youthful look that lasts.

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Enduring Results Powered by Peptides

What sets DAXXIFY® apart is its novel peptide-powered formulation. Unlike treatments that use human or animal byproducts as stabilizers, DAXXIFY® relies on a unique peptide, making it the only long-lasting frown line treatment of its kind. 

This innovation not only contributes to its extended duration but also positions DAXXIFY® as a forward-thinking and groundbreaking choice for those who prioritize both efficacy and safety.

Dr. Torkian: A Master of Facial Plastic Surgery

At the helm of your DAXXIFY® treatments is Dr. Torkian, a renowned facial plastic surgeon whose expertise is unparalleled. With a deep understanding of facial anatomy and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Dr. Torkian artfully and precisely employs injectables to help you reach your unique beauty goals.

Beyond simply addressing frown lines, he seeks to enhance and harmonize facial features, creating a look that is natural, refined, and uniquely suited to each individual. Whether it's subtle enhancements or more comprehensive transformations, Dr. Torkian's skillful hands and artistic vision bring out the best for every patient.

Luxury Redefined: The High-End Experience at Dr. Torkian's Offices

Step into an elegant world of luxury at Dr. Torkian's Beverly Hills offices. The ambiance is a seamless blend of sophistication and comfort, providing patients with an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Every patient at Dr. Torkian's practice is treated with the utmost care and attention. The concierge-style service ensures that your experience is not only tailored to your aesthetic goals but also elevated to a level of personalized luxury. From the initial consultation to post-treatment care, Dr. Torkian and his dedicated team are committed to making every step of your journey seamless, comfortable, and uniquely yours.

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Consultation: A Personalized Approach

The journey begins with your personalized consultation with Dr. Torkian. This is not just an appointment; it's an opportunity to discuss your goals, express your concerns, and collaborate on a treatment plan that aligns with your vision. Dr. Torkian's ability to listen, understand, and translate your desires into a customized approach sets the stage for a transformative experience.

Treatment: Precision and Artistry

Under the skilled hands of Dr. Torkian, your DAXXIFY® injection is placed with precision, guided by the surgeon's aesthetic discernment and commitment to enhancing your natural beauty. The peptide-powered formulation of DAXXIFY®, combined with Dr. Torkian's artistry, results in a look that is not only long-lasting but also glowing and natural.

Post-Treatment Care: Unwavering Support

The DAXXIFY® experience extends beyond the treatment room. Dr. Torkian and his team provide unwavering support and care during the recovery period. Your post-treatment journey is as important as the procedure itself, and Dr. Torkian ensures that you feel supported, informed, and confident every step of the way.

The Cutting-Edge Treatments You Deserve: Get DAXXIFY® Injections with Dr. Torkian

The world of cosmetic procedures is fast-paced, with new innovations emerging every day. You owe it to yourself to work with a reputable, double-board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. Torkian to help you cut through the hype and choose the right treatments for your individual beauty journey.

From the first consultation to the final result, your every interaction with Dr. Torkian in his luxurious Beverly Hills office is a celebration of enduring beauty, personalized service, and the artistry of facial enhancement. Together, you may choose DAXXIFY® for a long-lasting frown line treatment that goes beyond the ordinary. Call today to schedule your consultation and learn more.

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