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Upper Eyelid Surgery Beverly Hills

The eyes are one of our most expressive features, and one of the first areas of the face to show the signs of aging. Over time, the muscles of the upper eyelids lose their strength and begin to sag, in a condition called ptosis. The skin of the upper eyelids loses elasticity and begins to droop, creating a new skin fold that can even hang over the eyelashes, obstructing the field of vision. This condition is known as blepharochalasis. Dr. Torkian can provide some of the best results from eyelid surgery Beverly Hills patients can rely on to combat the symptoms of blepharochalasis.

At Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Torkian performs upper eyelid surgery to give the eyes a fresher, more youthful appearance, and to improve vision impairment from hanging loose skin of the upper eyelids. Dr. Torkian is a premier, double board-certified plastic surgeon with a practice focused exclusively on cosmetic and reconstructive techniques for the face, head, and neck.

Reasons to Have Upper Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic surgery for the upper eyelids can have both aesthetic and functional benefits. This is a popular procedure that has helped many men and women rejuvenate the appearance of their eyes and remove obstructions to their vision caused by drooping upper eyelid skin. Upper eyelid surgery is performed to:

  • Firm and tighten lax muscles and skin that has lost its elasticity
  • Remove excess skin in the upper eyelids
  • Remove fat bulges above the eyes
  • Lift drooping eyelid skin out of the field of vision

Upper Eyelid Surgery Procedure

This is a minor surgery that produces truly dramatic results. It is performed on an outpatient basis and can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures, including lower eyelid surgery.

An incision is made within the natural crease of the eyelid to allow for tightening of the muscle, removal or repositioning of fat deposits, and removal of excess skin. The placement of the incisions in the natural crease of the eyelids ensures that surgical scars are fully concealed within the natural structure of the eyelid area.

The incisions are closed with sutures or medical skin glue. If sutures are used, they are removed within one week. Results become evident after the minor swelling and bruising subside. The eyelid and surrounding area will be better defined and the eyes will appear brighter, more alert, and rejuvenated.

Benefits of Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery in Beverly Hills is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures today. Candidates for this procedure are both women and men who want to correct a tired appearance or impaired peripheral vision caused by droopy upper eyelids with hanging, excess skin. Upper eyelid surgery has these benefits:

  • Performed on an outpatient basis
  • Involves very little downtime
  • Can be easily combined with other procedures
  • Corrects hooding of the upper eyelids
  • Removes excess, drooping skin
  • Restores vision impaired by excess skin or fat on the upper eyelids
  • Restores a revitalized, more youthful appearance to the face and eyes

Dr. Torkian at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery serves the greater Los Angeles area, delivering high quality Beverly Hills upper eyelid surgery and facial cosmetic procedures in Beverly Hills. If droopy upper eyelids are adding years to your appearance, making you appear tired, unhappy, old, or obstructing your field of vision, schedule a consultation with Dr. Torkian. Upper eyelid surgery may be the right treatment for you.

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