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Dr. Torkian on The Drs

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Dr. Torkian on the Doctors

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Why Cosmetic Surgery Is Catching On Among The Older


Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon Dr. Behrooz Torkian of the famed Lasky Clinic, has seen firsthand the growing trend of older people seeking cosmetic surgery to boost their self-confidence and their professional lives.

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How stars spend a month getting ready for Oscars' red carpet

Like prom for movie stars, the Academy Awards is Hollywood's most glamorous night.

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Makeover Urges Patients To 'Be Your Selfie'

Patients no longer want to look like someone else. Kristine Lazar reports.

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 Powered Rhinoplasty

Surgeons are seeing advantages as they move from traditional osteotomes to powered microsaws for rhinoplasty, but there is a learning curve.

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 SnapChat Filters Inspire New Generation of Cosmetic Patients

Selfies have revolutionized plastic surgery, changing how we perceive ourselves and how we want to be seen. Gone are the days when patients go to their plastic surgeon with a celebrity's photo... welcome the filtered selfie.

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Healthy And Beauty—BH Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bruce Torkian Sees Trend Toward Ethnic Rhinoplasty

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Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Behrooz (Bruce) Torkian has seen a significant changes in plastic surgery choices aside from the filtered selfies on Instagram. He has seen patients wanting to maintain their ethnic identity to a degree while improving their overall appearance.

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Need a Nip or Tuck? These are the Top Plastic Surgery Trends for Millennials

Millennials are self-expressive, confident, open to change and are estimated to become the most educated generation in American history. But these attributes don’t just apply to their access to Google search and their willingness to roll with the latest Instagram update.

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Help for a Woman Run over Twice and Left for Dead

The Doctors send Jasmine, a woman who was run over by two cars, to plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Behrooz Torkian, and cosmetic dentists Dr. Joe Willardsen and Dr. John Willardsen, to see what can be done to help.

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The Recent Lasky Mixer

Lasky Aesthetics & Laser Center held an exclusive event for their recently opened med spa. As a part owner of this cutting edge establishment, Dr. Torkian helped welcome a bevy of high profile guests.

Dr. Torkian featured in Beauty Bites

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Dr. Torkian discusses a harrowing Revision Rhinoplasty

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