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What Is InstaLift and How Does It Work?

Our Los Angeles InstaLift is a new anti-aging treatment approved by the FDA in 2015. It is the first minimally-invasive method available for lifting and repositioning the subdermal (beneath the skin) tissues of the face. It helps replace lost volume in cheeks and midface. The InstaLift technique uses resorbable suspension sutures with bidirectional cones.

While the sutures lift and reposition tissues underneath the skin, the bidirectional cones hold the sutures and tissues in a lifted position. Over time, the sutures and cones stimulate fibroblasts (cells in connective tissue that produce collagen and other fibers). This promotes collagen maturation (realigning of collagen along tension lines) to reposition the volume in the midface.

Who Is a Good Candidate for InstaLift?

InstaLift provides a new technology to lift sagging facial skin. This procedure may be the ideal treatment for women and men who want to rejuvenate their facial appearance without lasers, injections, or surgery. The best candidates for InstaLift are patients with good skin quality who have moderate sagging of the skin and tissue in the midface region.

How Is the InstaLift Procedure Performed?

General anesthesia is not required for our Beverly Hills InstaLift. This procedure may be performed in the doctor’s office in approximately 45 minutes using only local anesthetic to numb the skin. The areas of the face to be lifted will be marked on your skin.

Then the doctor will gently insert a needle with a suture to a depth of 5mm, guide it skillfully through the underlying tissue, and carefully extract it at a precise bidirectional exit point. Absorbable, bidirectional cones hold the sutures in place.

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InstaLift FAQ's

What Does InstaLift Treatment Feel Like?

The InstaLift procedure is a comfortable treatment for most patients. The suture entry and exit points are numbed with local anesthetic.

Sutures are placed in the fat layer underneath the skin, where there are no pain-producing nerves and very little sensation or discomfort. Patients typically feel no pain but may feel a slight pulling sensation when the sutures are placed.

How Are Sutures Placed in an InstaLift Treatment?

Our skilled facial plastic surgeon will place InstaLift sutures in the midface region to lift and recontour the subdermal tissues. Insertion points are above the “parentheses” lines around the nose and mouth. Sutures are carefully guided to exit points above the cheekbones.

What Are InstaLift Sutures Made Of?

Sutures and cones used in the InstaLift procedure are made of glycolide/L-lactide (PLGA). This is a polymer (compound of high molecular weight) that is well-tolerated by the body and often used in medical devices. These sutures are fully resorbable – they naturally break down and are then assimilated back into the body.

How Is InstaLift Different from a Thread Lift?

Thread lifts were being performed in the late 1990s through the mid-2000s. InstaLift is an entirely new and different procedure. Instead of simply repositioning the skin, it focuses on lifting and repositioning the underlying layers of tissue, the area of the face where facial sagging originates.

Another important difference is that InstaLift sutures are not permanent, but rather absorbed by the body over time. The absorption process stimulates collagen renewal for longer-lasting, facial rejuvenation.

How Do InstaLift Results Compare to Dermal Filler Injections?

Our skilled plastic surgeon at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery can achieve results with InstaLift that cannot be achieved with dermal fillers and BOTOX injections alone. With the InstaLift technique, we can non-surgically lift and re-drape the cheeks and jowls to restore youthful contours to the face along the cheeks and jawline.

Can InstaLift Be Performed in Place of a Facelift or Neck Lift?

The InstaLift procedure produces more conservative, less dramatic results than facelift or neck lift surgery. However, in patients with mild to moderate facial skin laxity, or patients who do not want to undergo surgery, this treatment can restore more youthful contours to the cheeks and jawline as part of a customized facial rejuvenation treatment plan.

Can InstaLift Be Combined with Other Treatments?

InstaLift can be performed in combination with other procedures in a comprehensive, individually-tailored, facial rejuvenation treatment plan. For maximum lifting effect, it may be combined with skin tightening treatments, such as Ultherapy or Accent. For maximum volume restoration, InstaLift may be performed in combination with dermal fillers to create an aesthetic balance.

What Is Recovery Like after an InstaLift Procedure?

Recovery is minimal with InstaLift. Most patient will have little to no downtime after this minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment.

You may experience mild tenderness, which should subside in a few days. Most patients are able to resume social activities, if not the same day, then within 24 to 48 hours after the procedure. Schedule a consultation for arguably the best Instalift Beverly Hills has to offer.

How Soon Can I Resume Physical Activities after an InstaLift Procedure?

For one week after InstaLift treatment, to avoid displacement of the sutures and cones, we recommend that you avoid:

  • Strenuous physical activities
  • Chewing gum or hard, chewy, foods
  • Facial massage

You may begin using facial skin care products and makeup 24 hours after the InstaLift treatment.

How Can InstaLift Improve Facial Appearance?

Collagen content and fat volume in the face decrease as we grow older. Facial skin begins to sag, contributing leaving you looking old and tired.

InstaLift improves the contours of the midface by lifting the deep layers under the skin to create a more youthful look. Among the advantages of this technique are results that are visible immediately and also improve over time.

Dr. Torkian at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery has been specially trained to perform InstaLift in Los Angeles. Schedule a consultation at our Beverly Hills practice to learn about the procedure and discover whether you are a good candidate for this minimally-invasive, facial rejuvenation procedure.

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