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Comfortable, Effective Body Contouring

Patients are raving about their results with PHYSIQ, thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Treatment is comfortable and no downtime is required. PHYSIQ’s innovative applicators can target multiple areas at once, both large and small, to create transformative body contouring results.

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What is PHYSIQ Body Contouring?

PHYSIQ is part of a new generation of world-class body sculpting devices that dramatically reduce stubborn fat while toning and tightening muscle groups. Its four applicators are applied with consistent built-in cooling to make the treatment relaxing and stress-free. The skin reaches its therapeutic temperature and maintains it thanks to PHYSIQ’s industrious safety protocols. Best of all, PHYSIQ takes just 35 minutes to complete on average and comes with no recovery time so patients can quickly resume their normal schedules.

What are the benefits of PHYSIQ?

Cutting-Edge Technology 

PHYSIQ uses proprietary STEP (Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulse) Technology. EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) and SDM (super luminescent diode matrix) mechanisms are delivered via a single applicator. This dual action optimizes treatment outcomes while minimizing treatment and recovery times.

Multiple Applicators

PHYSIQ can be used with two, three, or four applicators, allowing providers to customize treatments according to each patient's unique areas of concern. The smaller applicators are ideal for addressing hard-to-reach zones such as the inner thighs. Each applicator is fitted with a silicone gel pad that improves its efficiency and body bands are provided in two sizes to ensure the applicators remain in place throughout each session without supervision.

Enhanced Comfort

During a PHYSIQ session, the skin arrives at its therapeutic temperature and then maintains this heat without any unwanted, harmful spikes in energy. The device emits continuous skin cooling, which makes the treatment seamless and safe. There is a patient-controlled button available that can modulate the device’s energy output and fine-tune the treatment without the need for staff intervention.

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What can I expect during my PHYSIQ session?

Your provider will place up to four applicators secured with bands on the targeted areas to deliver fat-emulsifying heat energy and profound muscle stimulation. Patients typically feel a warm sensation at the site of the applicators. During the muscle stimulation portion of the treatment, patients may feel their muscles contract just like during a workout at the gym. Total treatment time is usually 30-60 minutes.

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What can I expect after PHYSIQ?

After a PHYSIQ session, patients are free to resume their normal activities; there is no downtime. The treated areas may exhibit minor redness and may still feel warm. However, these side effects typically fade within a few hours. Patients are asked to gently massage the treatment areas for several minutes twice a day with a lotion provided by the doctor. It’s also important to keep hydrated by drinking adequate amounts of fluids and water each day as the fat cells are flushed out of the body. After PHYSIQ, patients should avoid strenuous exercise or any other activities that may raise the body temperature for up to 48 hours.

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What is BodyRight?

BodyRight is Dr. Torkian’s new treatment series that transforms the physique layer by layer. It harnesses two leading body sculpting technologies – Virtue DeepRF and PHYSIQ – to firm skin and muscle while reducing stubborn, unwanted fat.

The BodyRight series, involving three Virtue DeepRF sessions and five PHYSIQ treatments, takes around 12 weeks to complete. The areas targeted include the stomach, arms, inner and outer thighs, backs of the legs, and buttocks.

BodyRight is an excellent option for patients seeking a non-invasive mommy makeover procedure or for those who desire a comprehensive solution for sagging skin and loss of muscle tone.

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Why choose Dr. Torkian?

Dr. Behrooz A. Torkian is a double-board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery specialist. His many years of rigorous training and exhaustive written and oral examinations have established Dr. Torkian as among the most skilled and knowledgeable providers in the Beverly Hills area and beyond. He is passionate about innovation and constantly strives to utilize technology in new and beneficial ways, helping his patients to reclaim their vitality and self-confidence.

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