All About Brow Lift Treatment

A brow lift, also known as a forehead lift or forehead rejuvenation, is a cosmetic procedure to raise the brows. A brow lift improves the appearance of the forehead, the brow and the area around the eyes by raising the soft tissue and skin of the forehead and brow.

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Is dimpleplasty permanent?

A dimpleplasty is a minimally invasive surgery used to create dimples on the cheeks or chin. Sutures are stitched inside of the mouth, leaving no external scars.

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Is alarplasty permanent?

Alarplasty is a surgical procedure most commonly performed to narrow nostrils that are overly wide. The alar is the section of the nose where the nostrils become rounded and extend toward the cheek.

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Should I have an otoplasty?

Otoplasty refers to the surgical reshaping of the pinna, or outer ear. The ears are usually around 2 centimeters from the side of the head. However, having ears more prominent than this can be bothersome.

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cosmetic surgery nose

Cosmetic Surgery for the Nose

A nose job (technically called a rhinoplasty) is surgery on the nose to change its shape or improve its function. It can be done for medical reasons—such as to correct breathing problems related to the nose, or correct disfigurement resulting from trauma or birth defects.

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How To Lose Double Chin Fat

A double chin: whether it’s due to genetics, aging, or weight gain, it’s a feature many want to see gone. Learn how you can reduce the appearance of a double chin.

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Lip injection: after care

Right after your lip filler treatment you can return to your daily activities while adhering to certain dos and don’ts for one to two weeks. Here’s what you can do as part of your lip injection aftercare.

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Septoplasty vs. Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty vs. Septoplasty

A rhinoplasty and a septoplasty are solutions used to correct different issues, so it’s important to speak to your doctor to determine which solution will better meet your goals.

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What is a Septoplasty?

For those who suffer from severe septal deviation that causes a nasal obstruction, a septoplasty may be recommended. A septoplasty is a surgery that corrects nasal blockages.

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restylane kysse

Natural Looking Lips with Restylane Kysse

There are many different options when it comes to selecting what filler to use, and many doctors have their own preferences. However, a new hyaluronic acid lip filler has recently hit the market called Restylane® Kysse, and it has a lot to offer those who are looking to plump their pout.

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warm sculpting vs. coolsculpting

Weighing the Options: Warm Sculpting vs. Cool Sculpting

Diet and exercise are the best ways to reduce body fat and stay healthy, but sometimes even if you are in the best of shape, stubborn fat remains, and you might turn to warm sculpting or cool sculpting procedures. Here is what you need to know about CoolSculpting and SculpSure to help you make an informed decision.

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The best SPF for you

About 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure, and it has been shown that people who use sunscreen regularly show less skin aging than people who don’t.

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Summer Skincare Tips

The best skincare routine for the summer looks a lot like your regular skincare routine but with extra attention to sunscreen and other sun protection.

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Vitamin C benefits for your skin

You have probably heard of the benefits of vitamin C for your diet, but did you know that vitamin C is just as beneficial for your skin? Vitamin C is one of the best skincare products for anti-aging.

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Your Lips Can Age, Too

It’s no secret that our faces show the effects of aging skin. But did you realize your lips feel this effect as much as any other facial feature?

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Correct Your Drooping Eyelids

How to Correct Drooping Eyelids

Droopy eyelids can make you look more tired and even impair your vision. Saggy eyelids is a common occurrence for many people as they age. Not to fret though, there are various options available to correct this issue utilizing facial plastic surgery.

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Fat Transfer - The Most Natural Way to Get Face Fillers

Fat Transfer – The Natural Way to Get Face Fillers

Your own body fat is the safest, most natural filler material available. In addition to its compatibility with the tissues being replenished, fat that is harvested from your own body has a regenerative effect on the surrounding tissues due to stem cells and increased blood flow that accompany fat transfer.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Tightening And Volume In Your Skin

When you’re looking to set back the clock on your appearance, facial rejuvenation may just be the thing to fit the bill. It helps improve the youthful appearance of your face and can shave years off your look.

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