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But sometimes, a full facelift isn’t the ideal solution for a patient, either due to personal preference or due to medical concerns. This is where a mini facelift helps. At Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery, Dr. Behrooz Torkian has extensive experience in the field of cosmetic and medical plastic surgery and he can help you achieve the beautiful and supple skin you’ve always wanted. His experience, his extensive knowledge and his artistry ensure the very best care and treatment.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Beverly Hills mini facelift procedure or if you wish to schedule a consultation with the doctor, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. We are here to assist you with anything you need. We are based in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

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Choose the Weekend Facelift for Gorgeous Youthful Skin

Sagging skin and wrinkles can detract the beauty of your face. One of the best ways to address this concern is to choose the mini facelift treatment. Our Los Angeles mini facelift is performed similar to a full facelift, with just one exception.

As opposed to a full facelift (where the entire face is lifted), only a certain section of the face is lifted and treated here. Due to the treatment’s short procedure time and limited recovery time, it is also known as the weekend facelift.

The Benefits of Mini Facelift over Full Facelift

Although both are surgical procedures, mini facelifts offer patients a whole range of benefits that are not available in full facelifts. These advantages are:

  • Mini facelifts are less invasive compared to full facelifts
  • They have a very short procedure time
  • The potential for scarring is very negligible
  • They are much more pocket-friendly compared to full facelifts
  • There are no pre-surgical restrictions
  • They have a very short recovery time

Given these benefits, more patients are choosing to have the mini facelift treatment, as opposed to the full facelift treatment.

Mini Facelift Beverly Hills

The Treatment Procedure

Step 1: Consultation

It is extremely important to have realistic expectations out of the procedure. The mini facelift is designed to improve the appearance of your skin. But, it will not change the way you look. Be sure to discuss all your queries and concerns with Dr. Torkian during the initial consultation.

If you are on medication or have undergone a surgery or are allergic to anything, let the doctor know. This information is important to choose the right anesthesia and post-surgical medication.

The best thing about the mini facelift is how it can be personalized to suit your exact requirements. Once you come in for a consultation, Dr. Torkian will analyze your face and mark the areas that need lifting. Then, he will design a couture treatment plan designed especially for your cosmetic and medical requirements.

Step 2: The Surgical Procedure

This procedure is an in-patient procedure and you will need to get admitted to the clinic for the same. Dr. Torkian will start by giving you the anesthesia. Local anesthesia is usually used, unless prescribed otherwise. The surgical procedure of the mini facelift is similar to that of the full facelift, but with minute differences. There are two basic types of mini facelifts:

Step 3: Post-Surgical Recovery

As with all surgical procedures, there may be some post-surgical pain, tenderness and bleeding. But these will reduce within a few hours of the surgery. Scarring, bruising, tenderness and swelling are also common post-surgery. These signs will reduce a few weeks after the surgery.

Patients are requested not to expose their faces to the sun for a few weeks after the surgery. You are also advised not to lift heavy objects and to not add pressure to your face. After a week or two, all of the symptoms exhibited will disappear and leave your face beautiful and blemish-free.

The results of the mini facelifts usually last for up to 5-6 years and the doctor may ask you to return for a check-up post-recovery. Usually, after a mini facelift procedure, medical professionals recommend laser skin resurfacing for follow-up treatments, as opposed to another facelift surgery.

The doctor will provide you a customized post-surgical recovery plan. Be sure to follow all his instructions for a safe and speedy recovery.

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