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While every patient is different, most recoveries follow the same basic timeline. Variations may be due to the severity of the rhinoplasty or the patient’s natural ability to heal. In any case, below is the average expectation for most patients undergoing rhinoplasty at Dr. Torkian’s office:

  • The initial stages of recovery are marked by swelling and thickness of the skin. This is observable immediately after surgery and may persist for several weeks after the procedure. It is during this time that the internal tissues are settling into their permanent positions.
  • While the swelling typically resolves after several weeks, there is generally a fluctuation that is seen over the following months. This is completely normal, and patients should not be concerned if slight swelling returns.
  • Final rhinoplasty results are generally seen within nine to twelve months after surgery. During these months, the tissues are remodeling, healing and thinning out to reveal the true appearance of the new nasal structure, which may have been previously hidden by swelling.
  • In some cases, Dr. Torkian may use steroids to help resolve the swelling and allow the tissues to heal properly.


Thin, absorbable sutures placed in the eyelid incisions usually disappear or are removed at one week after eyelid surgery. Patients generally complain of little or no pain with this procedure, and are usually able to return to their routine within several days to one week.

Some swelling or discoloration is normal with eyelid surgery. This will resolve for the most part within one to two weeks, and can be camouflaged with makeup after several days.

Brow lift

After a brow lift, the full recovery period is approximately two weeks, at which point the incision can usually be considered completely healed. After two weeks, most patients can return to their regular array of activities. There may still be some swelling and bruising at this point, and it can easily be covered with makeup. Over the months following a brow lift, the incisions will fade until they are virtually invisible.

During brow lift recovery, it is important to avoid excessive force or motion. By following Dr. Torkian’s aftercare instructions carefully, the results of a brow lift will remain beautiful and satisfactory.

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Approximately one week after otoplasty, most swelling and bruising has resolved. Adults may return to work, and children can return to school. Over the next several weeks, it is wise to avoid strenuous activity that can impact the ears. It takes about three months for the full healing process to complete, at which point the tissues have settled and the ears have assumed their final position.

In delivering otoplasty, Dr. Torkian places incisions in well-hidden spots, usually behind the ears. Further, his precise closing technique leaves the most minimal scarring possible, resulting in a scar that is practically invisible.

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