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What is Facial Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting has been used in various restorative plastic surgery procedures for many years. Facial fat grafting is a relatively new cosmetic plastic surgery procedure which uses fat taken from the patient to restore volume in the cheeks, lips, jawline and other areas needing volume. This reverses volume related signs of aging and restores a youthful roundness to the face.

Combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as our signature blepharoplasty or a facelift treatment, facial fat grafting adds the volume that compliments the gravity reversing effects of cosmetic surgery. In Beverly Hills, facial fat grafting has become a very important component that elite cosmetic surgeons offer to their A-list patients who are constantly in the public eye. It is a long lasting, natural procedure that not only restores volume, but creates lift in the cheeks and jawline.

Los Angeles Facial Fat Grafting

Your Highly-Trained Los Angeles Facial Fat Grafting Surgeon

Meet Dr. Torkian

Dr. Torkian is a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon, an Assistant Clinical Instructor at University of California, and widely recognized as being among the finest facial plastic surgeons in the country. He offers his patients an extraordinary level of skill in performing facial fat grafting to restore lost volume in the most natural way.

Any facial procedure, including our Los Angeles facial fat grafting, must be performed with great care and attention to detail. When your treatment is performed by Dr. Torkian, you can be confident it is in the hands of one of the most accomplished facial plastic surgeons practicing in the Los Angeles area.

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Facial Fat Grafting Procedure

Prior to the facial fat grafting procedure, Dr. Torkian will mark the areas of your face that will be treated. You will be given medication to keep you relaxed and comfortable.

Using a syringe or a tiny cannula (a blunt 1 mm sized tube) a small amount of fat is removed from a donor site such as the waist, tummy or inner thighs. The fat is then purified using a centrifuge to filter live fat cells from the other fluids present. The fat is then transferred to special syringes used for fat injection. In order for the injected fat and stem cells to ‘take’, a blood supply must be made available which is only possible when the procedure is done by a highly skilled and experienced surgeon.

Dr. Torkian is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who is meticulous in his technique and is never in a hurry. In this way he ensures his patients receive the most refined facial fat grafting patients could expect.

He takes the time to layer microscopically small droplets of fat in a natural progression that follows the natural contours of the face. This allows a small amount of space to exist between each injection, which in turn helps to establish a blood supply for the grafted fat. In this way the transferred fat cells can establish circulation, permitting longevity of the cells.

Fat Grafting Candidates

The most important requirement is that you have an area with excess fat to use as a donor site. Patients in overall good health, who do not smoke or who can quit for several weeks before and after the procedure are good candidates for our Los Angeles facial fat grafting procedure. Having an unhindered circulation is vital in the success of this procedure.

Facial fat grafting is a good choice for patients showing early signs of aging caused by volume loss. Often cosmetic surgery can be postponed for years when skillful facial fat grafting is performed. Increasing volume lifts the cheeks and jaw line and decreases the appearance of smile lines.

Fat Grafting in Beverly Hills

Wondering if Facial Fat Transfer is Your Best Option?

Dr. Torkian uses a 3D system called Vectra™, which allows patients to see what the effect of their procedure will be, before they decide to commit. The system starts with a 3D photo taken at your consultation. Special software is then used to simulate the result of your fat grafting procedure. If you wish to combine several procedures, Dr. Torkian can show you the result of the combination from several angles so that you can make your decision with confidence. The first step is to make an appointment where you can meet Dr. Torkian and ask as many questions as you would like. Find out for yourself why his patients praise him as performing the most refined and natural facial fat grafting available in Beverly Hills.

Los Angeles Facial Fat Grafting


For facial plastic surgery, the skills and experience of your surgeon matter.

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