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Facial Plastic Surgery

Radiesse® Los Angeles

There comes a point in life when signs of aging become conspicuous and impossible to hide. We might notice deepening smile lines or hollowing cheeks. Maybe the jowls are now unmistakable, highlighting the marionette lines running from mouth to chin. All of these and more add years to our appearance and project an image that looks tired or even grumpy. Visit Dr. Torkian for beautiful results from Radiesse Los Angeles clients love.

Radiesse® bio-compatible injectable implant

If you want the mirror to reflect how youthful and energetic you truly feel, but aren’t ready for a surgical solution, there is an exciting option waiting for you at our plastic surgery clinic; Radiesse volumizing injectable implant.

More than dermal filler - less invasive than a solid implant

Radiesse is composed of synthetic calcium hydroxylapatite, which is a biocompatible material used for over 20 years in various medical procedures. The fact that it is suspended in a gel carrier makes it semi-solid and capable of creating a scaffold like structure under the skin, which provides lift and smoothes wrinkles and deep folds.

Not only is it approved by the FDA for use in moderate to severe facial wrinkles, it is also approved for use in the hands. Other cosmetic uses that have recently been perfected include treating certain types of acne scars and more recently as a ‘lunch hour’ nose job.

Long lasting alternative to cosmetic surgery

Radiesse Beverly Hills

Patients looking for a non-surgical solution to some of the most troubling signs of aging in the face and hands are delighted with the results of being treated with Radiesse. Beverly Hills Radiesse specialist, Dr. Behrooz Torkian is a facial specialist with decades of experience in cosmetic procedures. While injectables are far less invasive than surgery, he cautions anyone considering Radiesse to trust their face only to a board certified professional. Injecting fillers into the face requires a comprehensive knowledge of the location of nerves and muscle structure to protect against nerve damage and to ensure Radiesse is placed properly.

Radiesse stimulates collagen production

Collagen and elastin are responsible for providing lift and suppleness in the skin. As we age we lose these components that cause sagging skin, hollow cheeks and the overall appearance of fatigue. Radiesse has a two-fold benefit in that it immediately creates lift while stimulating the natural production of collagen. In this way the effects are long lasting, with most patients enjoying the benefits for 12 months or more. Providing expert application of Radiesse at his clinic is something that Dr. Torkian feels sets him apart from other clinics. As in all procedures, surgical or non-surgical, patient safety is his first concern. That's why you can count on Dr. Torkian for some of the best results from Radiesse Beverly Hills clients rely on.

Radiesse addresses a number of aging issues

Radiesse is a powerful solution to several troubling signs of aging including:

  • Smile lines
  • Marionette lines
  • Drooping mouth
  • Pre jowl fold
  • Chin wrinkles
  • Aging hands
  • Acne scars
  • Nose shaping

The most common use of Radiesse is to lessen the appearance of the deep smile and marionette lines on the face, as well as replacing lost fatty tissue in the hands. Radiesse is the only FDA approved filler for use in the hands due to the absorbability of the active ingredient. The beauty of Radiesse is that the body replaces the active ingredient over time with collagen providing long lasting results.

Rhinoplasty preview with Radiesse

A newer use for Radiesse is in nose reshaping. Dr. Torkian is known as one of the top tier rhinoplasty surgeons Beverly Hills has available. For certain patients Radiesse can be a temporary solution, smoothing out the profile or providing volume. Now attending a special event with more self-confidence can be obtained in less than an hour, with no side effects or recovery time.

Radiesse consultation

Radiesse Los Angeles

Come in for a consultation to find out if Radiesse is the best solution for your unique aging issues. Dr. Torkian is a double board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in the face, neck and head. He is delighted to be able to offer a simple solution to his patients who either cannot undergo surgery, or who want a less invasive solution. At his clinic in Los Angeles, Radiesse is fast becoming the most popular solution to remedying a tired, aged appearance in as much time as it takes to have a mani/pedi.

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