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Beauty in Progress with Olga Ferrara

A Passion Turned Into a Lifestyle with Olga Ferrara

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Do you struggle with your everyday style? Today’s guest, Olga Ferrara, is a fashion influencer that will inspire you to find your look. Her passion turned into a job when she started using social media and people followed her for being organic and truthful. She gives advice to her Instagram community about trends, beauty and how to get real engagement. Olga supports sustainable brands because she believes today’s fashion industry is no longer working for the planet.


  • Olga explains how bored she was from social media but later discovered how helpful her daily outfits were for her followers. Her looks are an inspiration for them.
  • Olga describes the importance of gracing what you have to empower your own beauty without listening to others. Work with what you have in order to get better; upgrade yourself.
  • Be honest with your followers. Promote what you like, work to be original, and find your own style.
  • Work with a good PR agency so they can promote you and find brands that work with your personality. You have to spend time and money to monetize what you do.
  • Olga admits that she’s working towards healthier habits: transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and starting using natural products.
  • Sustainable fashion is the way to go. Olga emphasizes on how our productive system is not working for the planet. That’s why she is working with Ears of Buddha: a women’s clothing designer brand that produces sustainable high-end blouses.

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