Beauty in Progress with Galina Antonova

A Woman Who Stands Out Because of Beauty and Brains with Galina Antonova

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Thinking that a pretty face cannot also mean being an intelligent and inspiring person is an archaic thought. Galina Antonova, today’s guest, is living proof of that. Galina is an angel investor, model, fashion editor and the creator of the “Brains and Beauty” podcast which defines herself: her breathtaking beauty is perfectly combined with her keen investing abilities. Also, Galina is originally from Russia but at 19 years old she decided to pursue her dreams and move to the US in order to start her own path…now that’s inspiring!


  • Galina describes how her relationship with beauty changed over the years: as a young girl, she felt really insecure about her body, but as she grew older she realized the importance of loving yourself and nowadays she feels more confident than ever before. 
  • How beauty standards that are portrayed in magazines, TV and social media can have a huge negative impact in young girls. 
  • Galina explains how beauty standards in Russia are different from the American ones, and how that helped her gain confidence when she arrived in the US. 
  • After working in accounting for some time, Galina realized that she was really interested in investing and entrepreneurship which led her to become an angel investor. 
  • In the future, Galina wants to keep angel investing and hopes to launch her own merchandise soon.

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