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Now that you made the decision to have some work done on your face, the next step is to choose a good surgeon. Whether you plan to have filler injections, microneedling with radiofrequency, or something more invasive like a deep plane vertical surgical facelift, it’s best to choose a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.

As you make appointments and meet with different surgeons in the area, you’ll receive information and recommendations about procedures and treatments that are best suited for your cosmetic goals.

It’s helpful to prepare and go to each consultation with a list of questions to ask that’ll help you quickly and efficiently garner the information you need to determine which facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgery in Beverly Hills clinic is right for you. Consider the following questions as a starting point.

  • What type of facial plastic surgery do you specialize in?
  • Are you a board-certified surgeon?
  • Is it part of your practice to use and stay educated on innovative plastic surgery procedures?
  • Can I see your before and after photos?
  • How will you prioritize my concerns?
  • What if a procedure isn’t right for me?
  • How is my surgery going to be performed and who will be providing the anesthesia?
  • If my procedure does not go as planned, what should I do?

What Type of Facial Plastic Surgery Do You Specialize In?

Facial plastic surgeons focus on surgical and nonsurgical procedures that change the aesthetic features of the face, head, and neck. Facial surgery also fixes congenital problems, such as cleft deformities, and ear abnormalities, or a deviated septum.

However, not all facial plastic surgeons are the same, nor do they specialize in the same procedures. Some surgeons generalize and are not as experienced in advanced or more complex cosmetic procedures that enhance or repair the aesthetics or structures of the face and neck. Others specialize in noninvasive/nonsurgical procedures.

Because of the delicate nature of plastic surgery, it’s crucial for you to select the best plastic surgeon to work on your face. If you are searching for a facial plastic surgeon you can trust to keep you safe and provide the results you desire, look no further than Dr. Behrooz A. Torkian at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Torkian is a premier double board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in all types of cosmetic surgeries for the face, including rhinoplasty, neck lifts, eyelid surgery, chin grafting, and various nonsurgical and surgical procedures.

Are You a Board-Certified Surgeon?

Board-certified surgeons are professionals who have completed advanced surgical training after finishing medical school. Certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery means they have generalized training and experience. Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ABFPRS) means specialization as a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon.

Dr. Behrooz Torkian is board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery by the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery, and head and neck surgery (Otolaryngology) by the American Board of Otolaryngology. These credentials, along with his education, training, and hospital affiliation, mean that his patients are in safe, caring, and highly skilled and professional hands.

Is it Part of Your Practice to Use and Stay Educated on Innovative Plastic Surgery Procedures?

As the area’s leading facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Torkian utilizes the most innovative and advanced practices and techniques to enhance and revise the face and neck masterfully and artistically. He also continues to pursue new training opportunities and certifications to improve his expertise and deliver outstanding patient results.

Can I See Your Before and After Photos?

It’s important for plastic surgery candidates to ask about before and after patient photos so they can see evidence of the surgeon’s skills and artistic mastery so they know the type of outcomes they can expect.

Most before and after plastic surgery patient photos are available onsite and not online. Seeing before and after images of procedures helps candidates narrow down the right questions to ask to gain a better understanding of how their procedure and results will be.

You can check out Dr. Torkian’s plastic surgery before and after patient gallery here. More images are available for candidates to review at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills.

How Will You Prioritize My Concerns?

Safety and procedure suitability are among Dr. Torkian’s top concerns for Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery patients. During your consultation, Dr. Torkian listens to your concerns and ask questions, so he fully understands what you hope to achieve with plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. He also asks about your medical history and may suggest additional tests to help him determine which cosmetic procedures are safest and best suited to provide your desired results. He’ll also discuss his expert recommendations with you to help you choose procedures that can give your desired results.

You’ll receive additional information on what you can to do to prepare and the practices and safety measures in place to ensure a successful outcome. To get the most out of your consultation, be sure to ask questions so you get all the information you need.

What if a Procedure Isn’t Right for Me?

Many people turn to plastic surgery to change or correct what they don’t like about their appearances that keep them from feeling confident in their own skin. But as popular as plastic surgery in Beverly Hills is, it’s not right for everyone.

There are occasions after careful evaluation where Dr. Torkian turns down potential candidates because he cannot achieve the desired results safely or determines plastic surgery is not in their best interest. These decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. If, upon further evaluation, Dr. Torkian determines that your choice of procedure is not right for you, he’ll discuss suitable alternatives that are safer and more beneficial to your situation and desired goals.

At no time are patients under obligation to undergo cosmetic procedures they are not onboard with. Again, a plastic surgery consultation is informational and necessary for patients so they can make the best and most informed decisions for their circumstances.

How Is My Surgery Going to Be Performed and Who Will Be Providing Anesthesia?

Facial plastic surgery lifts and tightens loose, sagging skin on the face and neck to rejuvenate the patient’s appearance. Dr. Torkian performs facial surgery at Lasky Clinic Surgical Center, an accredited surgical facility. The type of anesthesia patients receive is dependent on the kind of facial plastic surgery procedure and the patient’s profile. Local anesthesia is often provided with sedation for certain procedures.

General anesthesia is ideal for more complex, invasive surgeries and those where additional procedures are included. All anesthesia and surgical medications are administered by a licensed, trained, and board-certified anesthesiologist. Patient vitals are monitored continuously by the anesthesiology and surgical staff so Dr. Torkian can focus on his patients to provide their desired outcomes.

Dr. Torkian utilizes various techniques to rejuvenate the face. Some patients may require fat tissue grafts or the removal of excess skin, others minor lifting and tightening. Depending on the patient’s goals, he places incisions near the ears or in other discrete areas around the hairline to make the necessary changes to get the desired outcome.

Dr. Torkian reviews all surgical procedures and medications, including anesthesia requirements, with patients before the day of their operation.

If My Procedure Does Not Go as Planned, What Should I Do?

facial plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, plastic surgeon in Beverly HillsDr. Torkian’s patients are very satisfied with their results. However, rare occasions may arise where patients feel unhappy or disappointed with their plastic surgery outcome.

It’s important to understand that it takes time for the changes made to settle and actualize. The results show up right after surgery are not the final outcome. Because everyone heals and recovers differently, if you’re feeling anxious or unhappy with your results at any time, you should discuss your expectations and concerns with Dr. Torkian during your follow-up care appointments.

Let him know how you feel so he can evaluate your progress, address your concerns, and if necessary, discuss the next steps in your cosmetic journey, which may include more time recovering or additional treatments.

Key Takeaways

Behind every plastic surgery in Beverly Hills success story is a patient who went to their consultation armed with questions that helped them discern if their choice of procedure is right for them, and if a plastic facial surgeon’s safe and capable hands can provide the results they desire, and of suitable treatment alternatives.

As you evaluate different surgeons for plastic surgery in Beverly Hills, keep the above questions in mind and do some research to develop more of your own to ensure your cosmetic surgery transformation experience meets or exceeds your expectations.

Dr. Behrooz A. Torkian is among the best facial plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and across the nation. He is more than qualified and committed to safely and effectively improving your facial features to accent your unique, natural beauty.

Contact Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery today 424-999-9931 to schedule a facial plastic surgery consultation.

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