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For those with a weak or underdeveloped chin or jaw, chin augmentation is an excellent option. It allows the face to look much more proportionate. It creates a stronger profile to the face, and a clearer transition from the face to the neck. There are two main types of augmentation that can be done on the chin: surgical augmentation and non surgical augmentation. We’ll be looking at surgical augmentation, in which an implant is used to add length to the chin. Here are some things to take into consideration when deciding on chin size.

Benefits of surgical augmentation 

Why choose a surgical chin augmentation with implants? Results are permanent and there’s no need for visits every few months to keep up results like with non-surgical augmentation. The implant, made of medical-grade solid silicone, feels like your actual bone. It also allows for more dramatic improvements and larger changes to be made. Finally, many choose to get other procedures done at the same time as their chin augmentation, such as neck lift, rhinoplasty, buccal fat removal, or liposuction under the chin.

Facial proportions

You want a strong chin, but you don’t want one that will overpower the overall look of the face. While some celebrities certainly have been known to pull it off, for the average person, you want a strong chin that fits in with the rest of the face. A good sized chin will create a defined transition from face to neck, and can even help balance out a large nose, undefined jawline, or other facial issues.


Gender will also be taken into consideration. In general, males tend to have proportionately larger, more defined chins compared to the rest of their face, while, if you’re going for a more feminine profile, a smaller chin size and softer edges will achieve that look. Of course, these are just averages, and your ideal look may be different.

Shape and projection

Your doctor will also take into consideration the ideal shape and projection, as well as what shape you are looking for. Are you looking to keep your current chin shape, or are you looking to add (or take out) a cleft, or make the shape narrower or more flat? Projection is also important. The ideal chin has some slight projection. A chin that is too “flat” will need an implant that gives it some volume in front of the existing chin bone in addition to below it.

Considering chin augmentation? Dr. Torkian has years of experience and many happy chin augmentation patients. See some examples of his work and read patient testimonials here



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