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Chin augmentation surgery, or genioplasty, helps improve the contours of the chin, neck, and jawline. It can eliminate the “weak chin” look and give more definition to the face, resulting in a more proportionate look overall. The surgery itself involves the placement of an implant, takes about an hour, and is an outpatient surgery. If you’re considering chin augmentation surgery, you’re likely wondering how the recovery process goes, as well as what you can do to make the recovery process a little easier on you. Here are some tips.

Recovery after chin augmentation surgery: what to expect 

Chin augmentation surgery is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to go home the same day. The most common symptoms you will likely experience are some soreness, swelling, and bruising. All of these are common after any surgical procedure, and there are things you can do to help (discussed in the next section). Your doctor will discuss all possible side effects with you before and after the procedure. The recovery period is relatively quick, and you should be able to resume normal activities about a week to 10 days after surgery. Swelling and residual side effects should dissipate within a few weeks.

Tips for recovery after chin augmentation surgery

To aid in recovery, there are certain things you can do to help minimize the most common side effects. To minimize swelling and bruising, use a cold pack. Sleep elevated on several pillows so that you’re in a reclining position. This ensures good blood drainage away from the chin area, thus minimizing swelling. This should be done for the first 48 hours after surgery.

For pain, your doctor will prescribe medications for you to take. You will likely feel some soreness right after surgery and possibly for the next few days afterwards. Your doctor may also preemptively prescribe antibiotics to protect against any infections.

If incisions were done inside the mouth, there are added precautions you should take to ensure a speedy recovery and no additional side effects. Stay on a liquid or soft food diet for the time period prescribed by your doctor (often about a week), and take extra care while brushing your teeth to avoid contact with the incision area until it has healed fully. There may be some light bleeding within the mouth during the first few days of recovery.

Considering chin surgery? Dr. Torkian has extensive experience in chin augmentation procedures. Book your consultation today and learn what we can do for you!

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