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Have you ever been told you have a weak chin? Do you feel like your facial features are disproportionate? Would you like a stronger jawline?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, a chin augmentation may be right for you. A chin augmentation is a fast, simple solution to a problem many men are plagued with today, a weak chin or jawline. Before undergoing chin surgery here are some things to consider. 

What is Chin Augmentation?

Chin Augmentation is a form of facial plastic surgery. There are a few different methods that are used to perform a chin augmentation. The most popular method involves using an implant to add shape and size to the chin. This is a permanent procedure that offers a very low risk of displacement associated with jaw movement. Another method uses the patient’s own fat cells to sculpt a more prominent chin. The fat is traditionally taken from the hips, thighs, or buttocks. It is then purified and injected into the chin for sculpting. The last method is a non-surgical chin augmentation. With this procedure, facial fillers are injected to augment the chin. 

How is Chin Augmentation Performed?

Chin augmentation is a quick outpatient procedure that typically utilizes a local anesthetic. 

Focusing on the most popular method: a chin implant is a small biocompatible device, usually made of silicone, that is molded around the chin bone to enhance the chin, giving you a more natural look. Your surgeon will discuss with you which implant will best provide the results you’re looking to achieve.

The surgeon makes a small incision under the chin or inside the mouth, then makes space for the implant and sets it into place around the chin bone. After the implant is securely in place the incision is closed with sutures and then bandaged. The entire chin surgery can typically be done in less than an hour. 

Recovering From Chin Surgery

In most cases, men who have had this procedure return to normal daily activities in about a week. However, it’s usually best to avoid strenuous activity for three to four weeks following your surgery. Sleeping on your back with your chin up for at least one to two weeks is recommended, in order to protect your incisions and manage swelling. The final results of your chin surgery will be visible within three months, after all of the residual swelling has dissipated. 

Chin augmentations are not commonly associated with many complications. However, some possible risks to be aware of are: infection, internal bleeding, and scarring. 

The Benefits of Chin Augmentation for Men

This form of facial plastic surgery does have solid benefits for men. The benefits of chin surgery include a stronger jawline, a more defined chin, and a more proportionate facial appearance. If you think a chin augmentation might be right for you, check out this link for more information.

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