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Thanks to the mini facelift, anyone who wants to enjoy a more balanced and youthful appearance can. The mini facelift erases wrinkles, saggy jowls, and puffiness in the cheeks and neck area for a younger and more refreshed appearance without surgery or a full traditional lift procedure. While the mini facelift is technically a traditional facelift, as a highly experienced double-board certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, I call it Refreshe, a lower facelift. Patient healing and recovery expectations are similar. The number of incisions and techniques used are essentially the same, and anesthesia is required. However, lower facelift or Refreshe results are more subtle and provide a more naturally rejuvenated appearance.

The Refreshe mini facelift is ideal for anyone with facial aging and sagging concerns that don’t require as much of a lift to resolve. Continue reading this overview to learn more about the mini facelift procedure.

What Is a Mini Face Lift?

A mini facelift, also known as a mini rhytidectomy, is a cosmetic procedure that many people use to regain a more youthful appearance. Dr. Torkian offers the mini facelift as a minimally invasive facial anti-aging treatment to smooth and enhance the natural contours of the face by eliminating wrinkles and loose skin on the chin, neck, and other facial areas.

What Does a Mini Face Lift Do?

The mini facelift/lower facelift is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that removes excess skin and fat from certain areas on the face. Patients with cosmetic concerns about specific areas on their faces that look older or show signs of premature aging can use the mini facelift to improve their appearances.

Is a Mini Face Lift Worth It?

The mini facelift is a favorable alternative to a full or traditional facial lift because it is less invasive and intensive. Patients who undergo the mini rhytidectomy end up with less scarring, fewer complications, shorter recoveries, and more desirable results. The mini face lift can also be combined with dermal fillers, an eye lift, neck lift, and other cosmetic anti-aging treatments and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures.

What Does a Mini Face Lift Entail?

Dr. Torkian performs the mini facelift by making tiny incisions in the hairline and behind the patient’s ears to hide any visible signs of scarring. He then removes excess fat and skin and redistributes fat deposits to smooth and lift the lower portion of the face for a cosmetically appealing and rejuvenated appearance. Before undergoing the procedure, patients receive medication to minimize pain and discomfort to improve their experience for a better outcome.

How Much Does a Mini Face Lift Cost?

On average, patients can expect to pay several thousand dollars for a mini rhytidectomy. However, the true cost for each patient will vary depending on many factors, including the amount of work being performed, the facility, anesthesia, etc. Dr. Torkian provides each patient with a custom treatment plan that includes a detailed cost breakdown before setting a time and date for their procedure.

How Long Does a Mini Face Lift Take?

On average, it takes Dr. Torkian one to two hours to perform a mini facelift. However, some patients may experience longer treatment times than others, depending on the amount of work done and if there are additional procedures included.

What Is the Downtime for a Mini Face Lift?

Since the mini facelift takes less time to perform and requires fewer and smaller incisions, patient downtime is minimal. At Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery, we advise patients to allow up to two weeks for recovery after their facial rejuvenation treatment. The effects of surgery are most prominent for several days and some patients take time off work to relax and recover before showing off their newly rejuvenated appearance. In many cases, the most obvious signs of swelling, bruising and discoloration are gone by the end of the first week.

Can You Have Dental Work After a Mini Face Lift?

After a mini facelift, the facial area will be sensitive for several days. To avoid additional trauma, dental work should be avoided until recovery is complete and Dr. Torkian says it is okay to resume.

Do Women Get Mini Face Lifts in Their Early 30s?

The average age of most facelift patients is the mid to late 50s. Thanks to its ever-increasing popularity, many younger women in their 30s and older use the procedure to turn back the clock on their faces.

Does Skin Texture Improve After a Mini Face Lift?

A mini facelift doesn’t just address the signs of aging, it also improves some skin texture issues by contouring and tightening the skin. The mini facelift does not eliminate age spots, pigmentation concerns, or acne.

How Does a Mini Face Lift Look After 5 years?

A facelift is not a permanent procedure. After five years, we recommend for patients to schedule periodic touch-ups to keep their youthful appearance looking as good as when they first had the procedure. Result longevity is highly dependent on each patient’s overall health and lifestyle. With proper care and subsequent mini facelift treatments, patients can enjoy their refreshed appearance indefinitely.

How Long Does a Mini Face Lift Hurt After Surgery?

Immediately after treatment, patients can expect to experience some minor discomfort, swelling, bruising, or pain. These issues tend to peak within 48 hours after the mini facelift before gradually resolving. Dr. Torkian discusses medication recommendations to minimize discomfort and enhance healing and comfort with patients before and after their procedures.

How Long Mini Face Lift Last?

The effects of a mini facelift are not permanent, but they can last up to 10 years or longer. For long-term maintenance, patients should follow all dietary, health, and lifestyle considerations.

How Many People Have Mini Face Lift?

Thousands of successful mini facelifts are performed across the country each year. Due to its high satisfaction rate, swift recovery time, and efficacy, many men and women, 30 years and older choose to undergo the mini facelift for a younger and more desirable appearance.

Get Started With a Mini Face Lift Consultation

Look and feel younger and enjoy better confidence with a mini facelift. Dr. Torkian performs the procedure to contour the skin and complement each patient’s unique, existing features while removing the most obvious signs of aging from the face. Call Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery at (424) 999-9180 to learn more about our Beverly Hills mini facelift specialist and schedule a Refreshe consultation.

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