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As part of the natural aging process, hollow areas, wrinkles, and lines on the face begin to appear as the skin’s collagen production slows down, and the face experiences a loss of fat. The fat lost in the face can result in a loss of facial volume and sagging skin. Most facial rejuvenation is performed with hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm and Restylane) or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse). Face fillers are rapidly gaining visibility both online and off, but not all fillers work the same. The most common fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in our bodies.  This type of filler lasts six months to a year. For those looking for a more permanent solution, the best treatment for restoring lost facial volume is fat grafting to the face. In fact, your own body fat is the safest, most natural filler material available. In addition to its compatibility with the tissues being replenished, fat that is harvested from your own body has a regenerative effect on the surrounding tissues due to stem cells and increased blood flow that accompany fat transfer. As a bonus, Dr. Torkian extracts the stem cells in your fat during transfer for use as a skin collagen rejuvenator.

How Fat Grafting Works

Fat grafting, or a fat transfer, is the process of extracting fact from one part of the body and then using this fat as a filler for another.  It can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, add volume and rejuvenation to the face to add volume, definition, and contouring.  While fat transfer can be used in any part of the face, cheeks, and under-eye area get the most benefit from this miraculous filler.  

This procedure is typically performed with liposuction techniques that remove only the necessary amount of fat from your body’s natural storage areas which is then re-injected into areas that require more volume.  

1.     Usually, fat is transferred from the abdomen, inner thighs, or inner knees.  Liposuction involves making small incisions in the skin and using a tube to remove fat from the body.

2.     These fat stores are then purified and readied to be injected back into your body.

3.     From here, your doctor injects the fat into the cheeks, under-eye area, nasolabial folds, temporal area, and around the chin. Fat fillers can also be transferred to areas such as the hands, buttocks, or breasts.

There are a few risks to be mindful of when considering fat transfer surgery. Fat grafting procedures sometimes involve surgery with anesthesia since fat grafting requires fat removal surgery on another part of the body.  Because of this, a longer downtime is associated with fat grafting. There may be more swelling and bruising than with hyaluronic acid fillers. Additionally, there can be differences between patients that can make the survival of fat quite variable.  For this reason, Dr. Torkian schedules fat graft touch-ups as a maintenance for this procedure to ensure that there is enough volume for the intended results.  

The Benefits of Fat Injections

Fat from this kind of procedure is considered ideal filler material for several reasons.  First, it replaces tissue like itself. Not only does fat restore lost volume in your face, but the fat filler becomes a living tissue in your face. This gives it a long-lasting result that cannot be obtained with other fillers like hyaluronic acid. Because the fat is harvested from your own body, fat transfers allow for the opportunity for you to remove stubborn areas of fat deposits from your body.  Fat transfer also requires your body to “accept” and feed the transferred fat. This results in an overall increase in the blood flow of the surrounding tissues, restoring vital nutrients and improving the appearance of the overlying skin. And don’t forget the stem cells! Fat tissue comes with “adipose derived stem cells” that can be further purified and injected to improve other aspects of aging in your skin.

Many people are unhappy with the signs of aging and are looking for a solution to restore a plump and smooth look to their skin. For those who are looking for a boost in confidence and a boost in facial volume, fat grafting can be a great treatment option. Because it uses your body’s own fat, it is a natural way to achieve smooth skin that looks and feels great.

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