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During this global health alert, staying home and out of the public are of utmost importance. As you know, we are closed and avoiding unnecessary contact, and we are sure that you are doing the same.

The good thing about staying in is you can work on yourself and live a healthier life by getting adequate sleep, eating healthy, exercising, and of course, maintaining a good skincare routine. 

Usually, the hustle-bustle of your daily life would’ve made this difficult to follow. You might have always given priority to other things like hitting a deadline, taking your children for classes, doing house chores, and so on. But, now you can utilize all the time for your well-being.

Have you always wanted glowing and fresh skin like the models in magazines? Well, now is the time when following a natural skincare routine will give you exactly that.

Skincare Tips to Improve the Texture of Your Skin

The following are a few skincare tips that can give you a younger-looking and healthy complexion – dermatologist approved.

Buying the right skincare products

With an assortment of skincare products available on the market, finding the right product can be a bit daunting. Nevertheless, it isn’t something that you cannot manage.

Your first priority should be to match the product formula with your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, you should look for oil-based products whereas, oily skin owners should use water-based products. And when we say skincare products we mean everything – from your cleanser to moisturizer to sunscreen and makeup – whatever you apply to your skin should be compatible with your skin type. So, before you look after your skin, make sure that the formula is a match.

Exfoliating on a weekly basis

Even if you don’t step out of your home, a layer of dead skin cells can accumulate on the surface of your skin. If you don’t exfoliate, this accumulation will make you appear dull and dry.

Use an exfoliator that is the pH neutral and exfoliates gently without drying your skin. And not only your face but your body needs exfoliation too. If you run out of an exfoliating agent, you can make a home-made pack consisting of sugar and grape seed oil – works just as well.

Pay careful attention to what you eat

You might‘ve heard the saying: You are what you eat. This couldn’t be more true! 

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables that have an anti-oxidant rich profile to get that healthy glow. No matter how tempting it might be too binge-eat junk food while staying locked in, resist you must. Try to cook healthy and experiment with recipes. With most of the restaurants being closed, you don’t have to give in to the temptation of take-outs too.

Use your headphones when talking

During quarantine, you’re going to spend a lot of time talking to your close ones and not-so-close ones. But, don’t use your handset directly when you do so. You see, your cell phone has more germ buildup than your toilet seat. So, do your skin a favor and use a headphone whenever you catch up on the phone.

Avoid taking hot showers

We get it: there’s nothing better than the sensation of hot water falling against your skin relaxing your tired muscles. But, this is a luxury that is going to cost you good skin in the long run.

Hot water strips your skin of natural oils and brings the blood circulation to your skin that might cause inflammatory reactions. This might put you at a higher risk of suffering from skin problems like eczema or rashes.

We’ll suggest you take bathe in cold water or at the very minimum lukewarm water.

Eat Lots of tomatoes

Tomatoes and good health have always been interlinked as the former fruit are nutrition-packed to give your skin that much-needed boost. It also has lycopene which is a potent antioxidant that can work wonders for your skin.

By increasing your intake of tomatoes, you will be able to reduce age spots, brighten your skin, and curb any discoloration.

Become a minimalist

The good news about staying home is you don’t need to use many products on your skin and can embrace the au naturel style. Keep your face bare and let it breathe. When you use minimum to no cosmetic products, any problem of clogged pores will be greatly minimized.

Create an easy-to-follow skincare routine

You can read several skincare tips, but it wouldn’t make any difference until you actually follow them. For this purpose, you should make a skincare routine that is easy to follow. Go for high-quality products that are fun to try and excite you with the potential results.

You can start by using a facial cleanser, moisturizer, and exfoliator. Once you have incorporated these in your daily routine, add a serum, face masks, and an eye cream.

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