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A “double chin” is extra fat behind the chin area, also known as the submental area. It can be unsightly, and those who have it often look for ways to remove it. A double chin can be due to excess weight, genetics, or can be age-related. Several things can be done to help reduce the appearance of a double chin.


This one is not proven scientifically, but it’s worth a mention because some have success with it. Facial exercises that stretch the neck and area under the chin may help tone the muscles and help them become more taut. One example is to tilt your head backward, then stick out your lower jaw forward and hold it for 5-10 seconds in this position. Another exercise to try is to tilt your head backward, then, while in this position, push your tongue into the roof of your mouth, You can’t spot-reduce fat, though, so if your double chin is due to excess fat in your submental area, this method won’t help much.

Lose weight

If your double chin is due to excess fat, losing weight can help reduce the amount of fat in the submental area, improving the look of your double chin. As stated above, you can’t target submental fat through exercise, and this is true with diet as well. So focus on an overall healthier diet, which can help you lose fat throughout your body, including under the chin.


If you’re looking for a bigger difference than home remedies can make, or something quicker and faster than dieting, or if you’ve tried the above remedies and continue to have a double chin, consider SculpSure. SculpSure is a warm sculpting body contouring tool, and this non-surgical laser treatment permanently eliminates the fat cells under the chin. Each treatment lasts 25 minutes. Results are visible about 6 weeks after treatment, with best results showing around 12 weeks after treatment.


Kybella is an injectable treatment that targets submental fat. Although the mechanism is very different, it works by destroying fat cells under the chin, just like warm sculpting discussed above. Most patients receive between 2-6 treatments, each given one month apart, and results show after 2-4 treatments.


If your double chin is due to excess fat, a liposuction is another good choice. Performed under general anesthesia, very small incisions will be made in the chin area, and a cannula is placed inside. This cannula sucks out unwanted fat cells in the chin area (as well as jawline if needed). This method gives the most immediate results. 

If you want to reduce the appearance of a double chin, talk to a doctor about your options to learn what will work best for you.

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