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No one has a perfect nose. Yet, the desire for perfection is what drives countless people to get a nose job. Every year, millions of rhinoplasties are performed on individuals wanting to change the shape, size, or appearance of their noses. Some want a shorter or smoother nose profile with a less noticeable lift or tip, while others opt for a pointier or rounder tip. And then there’s the ski slope nose shape. Anyone wanting a ski slope nose can get it with rhinoplasty.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that changes the shape and structure of the nose to improve its profile and appearance. Anyone who is unsatisfied with the way their nose looks can have a nose job to target and correct unwanted imperfections. For some, the ski slope nose is an undesirable effect of genetics and aging. For others, it’s a nasal style that makes their appearance harder for others to ignore or resist.

Rhinoplasty, or the nose job, is one of Dr. Behrooz Torkian’s specialties as a leading double-board certified facial plastic surgeon in Southern California.  As a specialist, Dr. Torkian is able to customize any nose job to the desired effect after careful consideration and discussion of the patient’s desires, starting point, and facial harmony.

What Is a Ski Slope Nose?

A ski slope nose has a curvy bridge that dips before tilting upward, giving the nostrils a wider or elongated shape. Natural ski slope nose angles differ per individual. But the good news is a nose job surgeon can change or eliminate the slope of the nose for an optimal outcome. The most popular revisions requested by ski slope nose job patients include decreasing the slope or smoothing the nasal profile to flatten the tip.

The Evolution of Ski Nose Rhinoplasty

Ski Slope Nose Job Beverly HillsTo create this shape, it’s necessary to remove tissue from the bridge of the nose. Reducing the amount of tissue in the bridge also alters the size or shape of the tip. Outdated and standard versions of the rhinoplasty procedure ignore the unique characteristics of the patient’s nose. Also, visual traces of the operation are more noticeable and not so easy to camouflage with makeup, even long after recovery is complete.

Today, many nose job patients have the procedure to reduce or enhance their ski slope noses. Modern-day advancements in the procedure and Dr. Torkian’s exceptional artistic and surgical expertise enables him to preserve the unique qualities and features of the patient’s nose. Dr. Torkian utilizes specialized rhinoplasty practices that complement the patient’s overall facial appearance to create the exact nose shape he or she desires.

How to Fix a Ski Slope Nose

If you have ski slope nasal features and want to smooth or shrink the tip, a nose job can provide the results you seek. Additional cosmetic procedures are available that balance out your features for optimal results. To learn what they are, you should consult with an experienced double board-certified cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Torkian, who specializes in ski slope nose jobs.

How to Get a Ski Slope Nose With Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is ideal for those who want a more natural and attractive ski slope nasal shape. The procedure requires Dr. Torkian to remove excess cartilage from the tip of the nose to achieve the desired effect. Ski slope rhinoplasty balances the nose bridge, nostrils, and the tip, so they better complement the facial features. Ski slope rhinoplasty impacts the bridge and the tip of the nose, so recovery is similar to a standard nose job.

The healing process after a rhinoplasty depends on the patient. The procedure doesn’t cause much swelling or bruising because the nasal bones remain intact and untouched. Most of the time, swelling after ski slope rhinoplasty is not too obvious to anyone except the patient.

Patients are required to wear a nose cast/splint for at least a week after the surgery to stabilize their nose and protect it from bumps, accidents, and other issues that could disturb the healing process or results. After that week, when the bandages are removed, patients should avoid touching their noses unless necessary. Their nose is fragile and should be handled with care until it is fully healed.

The average amount of time it takes to completely heal from a ski slope nose job is an entire year. The nose is one area of the body that takes much longer for swelling to subside. Most of the time, swelling after ski slope rhinoplasty is not too obvious to anyone except the patient. Some rhinoplasty patients recover faster, and others may take longer.  However, most patients are back to their usual activities by the sixth week after their procedure.

Are Ski Slope Nose Jobs Attractive?

Several studies showed that males with nasofrontal angle of 130 degrees, and nasolabial angle of 97 degrees noses appear more youthful, attractive, and appealing than those with convex or other nose shapes. There are also countless studies highlighting the preference for females with slightly raised or elongated nose tips. Regardless of your nose shape or style preference, the only way to ensure an optimal outcome is to choose a highly qualified rhinoplasty surgeon.

Is a Ski Slope Nose Job Right for You?

Rhinoplasty is an amazing procedure that improves noses and appearances and boosts self-confidence. Regardless of your nose shape or style preference, the only way to ensure an optimal outcome is to choose a highly qualified rhinoplasty surgeon. To learn if your normal nose affects your candidacy for ski slope nose surgery, contact Torkian Plastic Surgery at (424) 421-5869.

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