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A facelift and ongoing injectables are not the only ways to achieve drastic results and a more youthful appearance. InstaLift is a perfect choice for patients who aren’t quite ready to commit to the ongoing maintenance of injectables and are not ready for a facelift surgery.

How Does InstaLift Work?

InstaLift is a minimally invasive, dual-action procedure approved by the FDA as an anti-aging treatment. InstaLift uses absorbable suspension sutures with cones to lift sagging skin and activate your body’s natural collagen production, which boosts facial volume. The sutures lift and reposition tissue under the skin, acting as a scaffolding underneath the skin. The cones hold the sutures in place and keep the tissues in the lifted position. As you heal from the procedure, collagen production—which has diminished due to age—is stimulated. Increased collagen production replaces depleted facial volume over time.

Here’s what to expect from the InstaLift procedure:

1. The treatment areas on the face will be marked on the skin.

2. A local anesthetic is applied to numb the skin and to ensure patient comfort during the procedure. General anesthetic is not required.

3. After your skin is numb, a needle with a suture will be inserted. The doctor will move the needle through the tissue underneath the skin. There is no cutting involved.

4. Absorbable cones hold the sutures in place.

Like the name suggests, InstaLift provides an immediate lift and can also erase fine lines and wrinkles and diminish volume loss in the face in addition to sagging skin. The InstaLift procedure can help areas such as the brow, mid-face including the cheeks, jawline, and neck. The amount of lift you can expect from the procedure depends on your skin’s level of laxity and the number and location of sutures in place.

With nearly no downtime and up to two years of results, InstaLift is a short, simple office procedure that provides drastic anti-aging effects. If you think InstaLift is for you, reach out today for a consultation.

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