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If you’re considering ethnic rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure to redesign your nose to your liking, it helps to know which type of procedure benefits you the most. You may be an ideal candidate for ethnic rhinoplasty, depending on your circumstances.


Now that surgical practices have evolved, modern rhinoplasty procedures are no longer heavily stigmatized as they were in the past. Patients have greater control over their nasal features and outcomes thanks to variations in techniques. They also don’t have to worry about the undesirable visual or common side effects of older, outdated methods.

Every year, millions of people undergo cosmetic surgery to change the appearance of their noses, making it the third most popular cosmetic procedure in the world. Although most patients are women, rhinoplasties are becoming more prevalent in males. Also, more people of non-Caucasian descent are taking advantage of the procedure.

Yet, the rhinoplasty process is not a one-size fits all solution for those unsatisfied with their noses. Consider the following information to determine if ethnic rhinoplasty in Los Angeles is right for you.

What Is Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Procedure?

Ethnic rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure is a type of nose job surgery that preserves the unique nasal characteristics of non-Caucasian ethnicity. Standard/traditional nose jobs are designed to enhance Caucasian features. Traditionally, standard rhinoplasty was the only option for those of different cultural or ethnic backgrounds. Though successful, non-Caucasians were limited in the changes or concerns they could have their surgeon address.

Their results often left much to be desired. Instead of ending up with the nose of their dreams, many patients either had to learn to accept their new noses as-is or undergo additional cosmetic surgeries for corrections or further enhancements. Many were unsatisfied with their experience and results.

Ethnic rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure is a specialty nose job procedure. Patients fare best when they choose Dr. Torkian, M.D., a double-board certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon with extensive knowledge and surgical and artistic expertise on ethnic anatomical facial features. He uses the safest and most effective techniques and practices to provide patients with the aesthetic changes they desire to help them achieve their appearance goals.

An ethnic nose job is ideal for non-Caucasians, i.e., Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, or Asian descent. The procedure effectively enhances the natural contours of the nose without destroying or making undesirable changes to the patient’s ethnic features. Although it’s ideal for ethnic patients, many people opt for an ethnic nose job because it effectively corrects issues regarding size, width, crookedness, and bulbous tips.

Not everyone has the same nasal features. If you are currently unhappy with the size or shape of your nose and have ethnic features, you may want to consider the type of nose job that preserves them.

Traditional rhinoplasty techniques often give the nose a skinny or pinched look that’s out of proportion with the rest of the face. They also do little to address the unique anatomical structures that can magnify issues that detract from one’s appearance.

Types of Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly HillsAs excited as you may feel about having a nose job, there are some key reasons why it may be more beneficial for you to undergo an ethnic rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure.

Although rhinoplasty is popular and highly convenient, patients should choose the type best suited for their features. Traditional nose jobs are not for everyone. They are best suited for Caucasians and individuals who want to erase their distinct ethnic nasal characteristics. Not so much for those of other cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Ethnic nose jobs provide more natural and organic results for non-Caucasians.

Below are the most common types of ethnic rhinoplasty patients seen at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles.

African Americans tend to have shorter, wider noses and thicker skin. The most common changes requested by African American ethnic rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients include lack of refinement or definition, too wide, too flat, and too large.

Hispanic noses are different from Caucasian noses. Dr. Torkian utilizes various practices to carefully and artistically refine Hispanic nasal features. Features that Hispanics often have corrected include nostril size, pointy tip, and bridge irregularities.

Asians have short, broad noses, wide nostrils, and a round or bulbous tip. Ethnic rhinoplasty effectively addresses issues patients have about these features to restore balance and more desirable contours to enhance the appearance and, in some cases, function of the nose.

Middle Easterners often have large, over-exaggerated nasal characteristics, such as a dorsal hump, hooks, and a pointy tip. Ethnic rhinoplasty is effective at reshaping, smoothing, and refining the nose to help preserve the unique features of various ethnicities.

Nose job patients require specialized surgical techniques to address the unique ethnic variations in their nasal structure and ensure satisfactory results.

Are You Ready for Ethnic Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills Procedure?

Dr. Behrooz Torkian, M.D., is a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He routinely performs all types of nose jobs, including ethnic rhinoplasty, with artistic skill and surgical precision. Check out the Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery Before and After gallery of past patients and the work they had done for visual proof of the exceptional work he does to keep patients looking their best.

If you’re ready to get your nose done, contact Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery at (424) 999-9180 to schedule your consultation to learn if ethnic rhinoplasty Beverly Hills procedure is right for you.

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