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It’s no secret that our faces show the effects of aging skin more than any other part of the body. But did you realize your lips feel this effect as much as any other facial feature?

There are several popular solutions to reverse the effects of time (such as lip wrinkles) or to improve lips in general with a lip line filler. 

Continue reading and we will discuss one of the most popular treatments for your lips that will improve the overall look of your face.

Restylane® Silk and Juvederm

Thinning lips and lip lines are noticeable indications of aging that are easily resolved. These problems are typically more common among women. They are nearly impossible to hide and makeup has the tendency to actually emphasize the problem instead of covering it. 

Some injectable fillers, such as Juvederm, Volbella, Revanesse Versa, and Restylane Silk, are becoming a popular, easy solution to problems like aging skin and lip wrinkles. Most cosmetic surgeons favor these specially formulated wrinkle removers and lip line fillers due to their more delicate consistency, which affords a more refined treatment. 

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How Long Do They Last?

Following your Restylane Silk or Juvederm treatment, your lips will seem fuller and any lip wrinkles will be virtually indistinguishable. The results of these treatments will last anywhere from three to six months following your appointment. 

Restylane Silk and Juvederm both can be renewed as needed whenever you begin to notice the effects fading.  Most people can see a noticeable enhancement in fullness after approximately 14 days. Still yet, the majority of these people can still see improvement after six months following the application.

How Much Do They Cost?

The average cost for Restylane lips or Juvederm injections fluctuates from $350 to $800 per injection. Some of the prices can be covered by insurance if the procedure is considered to be of medical necessity. However, plainly cosmetic procedures are not included by insurance.

How is the Treatment Performed?

Both Restylane Silk and Juvederm treatments take roughly an hour to complete. The injectable lip line fillers contain an anesthetic, so the pain associated with this treatment is insignificant. The thin viscosity of the gel allows it to be injected using microneedles, which also offers a more pleasant experience.

The area that will receive the injection will be cleansed and a numbing cream will be applied before the treatment. Your doctor will then begin gently injecting the Restylane Silk or Juvederm filler into the lips and the space above the lips. Once satisfied that the filler is in the correct position, your doctor will possibly massage the area, in order to distribute the filler gel where it’s most needed.

Finishing Up

Restylane Silk, Juvederm, and the new Revanesse Versa treatments have become quite popular as lip line fillers and wrinkle removers. If you feel the effects of time and aging skin, consult with your physician to determine if any of these treatments are the appropriate solution for you. 

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