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Cosmetic nose surgery, better known as rhinoplasty, is a form of plastic surgery that alters a patient’s nose for cosmetic or medical reasons. Many people want rhinoplasty simply because they do not like the look of their nose. However, nasal surgery can also improve your breathing, and abnormalities from birth defects or trauma. 

What do you do if your nose surgery goes wrong? Bad outcomes are a real risk with any cosmetic procedure, such as rhinoplasty. This is why you need to take extra care when selecting a surgeon to perform your surgery. If you’re unsatisfied with the results of your rhinoplasty, there are steps you can take. 

Steps to Fix Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

No surgeon can guarantee results because surgery is never 100% predictable. However, if you’re suffering from a nose surgery gone wrong, you can have it corrected. Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure that addresses the undesirable outcomes of a previous nose surgery. Revision rhinoplasty is also a much more complicated procedure, as the surgeon no longer has a blank slate to work with.  The cartilage and bone framework of a previously operated nose are also less predictable for the revision surgeon. 

Depending on what went wrong with your original rhinoplasty, the revision may involve minor corrections, or it may require a more complex surgical approach. You may need to wait one full year for the effects of your first surgery to heal in order to have greater success with revision. If the original surgeon removed too much cartilage from the nose, this could block the nasal passages and interfere with breathing, it can also result in “pinched” or uneven nose shape in some patients. Revision rhinoplasty rebuilds your nose, fixing both structural and aesthetic grievances at the same time.

Choosing a Doctor to Repair Bad Plastic Surgery

Choosing a well-qualified surgeon for the repair of your bad plastic surgery is very important. Because revision rhinoplasty is a more complicated procedure, you need to be confident in your doctor’s abilities; otherwise, you could end up dissatisfied with your results once again.

It’s best to find a facial plastic surgeon who specializes in the many types of rhinoplasty. Carefully choosing a qualified surgeon that understands the differences between: functional, non-surgical, revision, and ethnic rhinoplasty, is the most important step in your nose surgery repair. Once you schedule a consultation, explain exactly why you would like revision rhinoplasty and be sure you have realistic goals. It’s also a great idea to ask to see before and after photos, in order to determine if the surgeon can help you with your specific issues.

Now You’re Ready to Have the Revision Rhinoplasty You Need

If you’ve had a botched rhinoplasty, you now have the information to decide if revision rhinoplasty could be the right option for you, to have the nose you’ve always wanted. Be cautious when selecting your next surgeon and be sure they’re well-qualified. You no longer need to suffer as a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong.

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