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There’s no denying the popularity of rhinoplasty. After all, it’s one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world that millions of people opt for to design their nasal features to their liking. No matter how much friends and colleagues brag about a particular nose job surgeon, it’s always best for potential patients to save themselves the trouble and thoroughly vet all recommendations. Besides researching online and the American Board of Facial Plastic Surgery directory, the easiest way to do that is to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with each one.


The consultation is an essential step in the rhinoplasty process. Not only is it the perfect opportunity for potential patients to learn as much as possible about the procedure and surgeon, but it also better prepares them for what to expect. Here are some things to consider when preparing for a rhinoplasty consultation.

Interview Multiple Surgeons: Select several board-certified surgeons specializing in facial plastic surgery and rhinoplasty and schedule a consultation with each. Learn their credentials, areas of expertise, practice history, and check out their gallery of before and after photos. There are many different types of surgeons who advertise rhinoplasty procedures, but not all of them have the appropriate credentials, surgical skills, etc. Patients should remain aware that they have complete control over the outcome of their procedure. Taking the time to perform due diligence before and during the consultation is a critical yet often overlooked step patients encounter when preparing for rhinoplasty.

Patient Expectations: It doesn’t matter if you want thinner or smaller nostrils, tip refinement, or a combination of alterations to enhance your nose’s overall shape, appearance, and profile. You might even feel unsure of what you want done and that’s fine too. Even, if you’re experiencing difficulties breathing through your nose, let the surgeon know. Remember, rhinoplasty is a procedure that corrects cosmetic and functional issues. The consultation is the appropriate time to bring up these concerns and to learn custom recommendations for your appearance goals.

Before your appointment, consider your expectations and how you believe rhinoplasty will meet them. Take some time to truly contemplate the exact changes you want the surgeon to make to your nose. Think about questions or concerns you want the surgeon to address during the meeting. Write them down and take them with you to the rhinoplasty consultation.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Patient Risk Profile: Document all medications, supplements, and herbs used in the last three months and the doses to take to the consultation for the surgeon to review. Certain medicines and herbal substances increase the risk of adverse reactions and complications in rhinoplasty surgery. Keep in mind no concern or cosmetic issue is off-limits when discussing your nose or potential rhinoplasty surgery. Besides gaining a better understanding of what to expect in preparation for, during, and after rhinoplasty, prospective patients should also learn the protocols for complications that may arise during surgery and those involving unsatisfactory results. Revisions are necessary for some.

Rest Well: Getting adequate rest before a rhinoplasty consultation is essential. Well-rested patients fare better than those who toss and turn the night before due to nerves and insecurities about the procedure and meeting the surgeon.

Eat Breakfast: Breakfast is not the first meal of the day for many. Whether it’s a staple in your daily routine or not, eat breakfast on the day of your rhinoplasty surgery consultation. The last thing anyone wants is hangry stomach sounds interrupting or distracting them while they talk to the surgeon.

Preparing the Body: Rhinoplasty is a procedure that requires patients to take certain steps in the weeks leading up to their surgery to prepare their bodies. Among them is making better food and beverage choices. Regardless of how soon or far away your rhinoplasty consultation is, make positive changes in your diet and lifestyle first to give your body more time to reap the benefits. Also, avoid tobacco and nicotine, smoking, alcohol, and other substances that are harmful to the skin and body. These substances can prolong healing and recovery and interfere with the procedure’s results.

Arrive Early to the Appointment: Timing is important. Plastic surgeons who perform rhinoplasties are in high demand. Patients can make the most of their consultation by arriving early enough to complete outstanding paperwork so they can utilize every second of their rhinoplasty consultation to their benefit.

Tour the Clinic or Office: First impressions matter, even during a rhinoplasty consultation. Pay attention to the office and clinic during your visit to gauge your comfort level with the environment and staff. It’s important for patients to feel at ease and confident in their choice of surgeon, medical facility, and its staff.

Pay Attention: Take notes during the consultation to review later when deciding on which Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgeon you feel most confident in having work on your nose. Even though this professional will be responsible for your nose’s final look, they are also responsible for your well-being during and after the procedure.

Many don’t realize it, but their choice of surgeon can mean the difference between a successful rhinoplasty procedure and one that produces undesirable results. It’s necessary for patients to meet with prospective surgeons to ensure they are a good fit for their circumstances. Also, much of what happens during the rhinoplasty process is covered during the consultation. Patients fare best when they play an active role in their rhinoplasty consultation.

The best facial plastic surgeons are forthcoming about every aspect of the rhinoplasty process and have a substantial amount of proof for patients to review regarding their credentials, techniques, before and after photos, etc. to earn their trust and confidence.

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