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Dermal fillers are becoming more and more common in the U.S. as a means to smooth out smile lines and wrinkles and to add volume and plumpness to cheeks and lips. Although fillers and injectables are very safe and more common than ever, it is still important to remember that filling wrinkles and plumping lips are medical procedures and a certain amount of preparation is needed to make the procedure as safe and smooth as possible.

How to Prepare

Injectables are not safe for everyone and are usually not recommended for those with certain medical conditions such as certain allergies or bleeding disorders. Always speak first to your licensed healthcare provider about your medical history to see if dermal fillers are an option for you, and always work with a healthcare provider who is licensed.

Because fillers are injected into the skin with a needle, they are regulated by the FDA as medical devices and are subject to the FDA’s guidelines. Most of these fillers are only temporary and used to smooth out skin or fill out areas of lost volume. Fillers are also only approved by the FDA for use in certain areas such as the face or hands. This means that injectable fillers for large-scale body contouring are not approved by the FDA since dermal fillers are not intended to be used that way.

Oftentimes before an appointment for fillers, your healthcare provider will request that you stop the use of certain medications such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, and other supplements which can increase bruising and bleeding at the injection site. Let your doctor know in advance if you take a prescription blood thinner. Some injectors recommend the use of Arnica Montana, Bromelain, or other anti-bruising treatments prior to and following treatment.  Check with the appointment staff prior to arrival to see if you need any of these homeopathic medications.  

Dehydration and hunger can increase the discomfort of injectable treatments, so it is recommended to hydrate and eat a large meal before a filler appointment.  Also keep in mind that sometimes appointments can run past their scheduled times. Be prepared to wash your face thoroughly before your appointment.

Five Tips for Considering Injectable Fillers

The FDA has listed five tips for consumers considering injectable dermal fillers. They are:

1. Work with a licensed healthcare provider and only get FDA-approved fillers. Do not consider fillers from unlicensed providers or in non-medical settings.

2. Read the patient labeling information on dermal fillers from your licensed healthcare provider.

3. Ask your licensed healthcare provider which injectable you will be receiving and all its possible side effects. Ask follow-up questions if needed.

4. Do not buy fillers from the Internet.

5. Do not use fillers for large-scale body contouring such as breast fillers, butt implants, or muscle implants.

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