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Ears are one of our fastest developing body parts. This means that they reach the “adult size” way before we’re adults. It’s when they start growing too much that it can be a problem. 

Prominent ears, though medically insignificant, are viewed as an issue for cosmetic reasons. Children might get teased, adults may suffer from lower self-confidence – all because of the fact that their ears stick out. Having said this, if you feel that you should take measures to reduce your ears’ size, you definitely can!

Below, we have given more insight into this fascinating surgical process that can change the ways your ears look.

Why Do You Have Protruding Ears?

If you were to ask an ear doctor the reason why ears protrude, they’ll tell you multiple causes. Primarily, there are four which we have listed below:

  • When you have too much cartilage in the concha part of the ear.
  • When the antihelical fold is underdeveloped.
  • When you have both, too much cartilage in the concha and an underdeveloped antihelical fold.
  • When you suffer an injury to the ears.

How Can You Treat Prominent Ears?

As the growth of overly large ears starts from a young age, the diagnosis can take place when the child is still in his infancy. For example, if you find a three-month-old baby showing signs of protruding ears, you can simply tape the ear molds to his ears. This is a classic example of reshaping the ears without surgery.

Adults and older children, on the other hand, have to undergo ear reduction surgery or ear pinning surgery. This ear surgery is called otoplasty.

Understanding What Otoplasty, or Ear Plastic Surgery, Means

Otoplasty, also known as ear pinning, refers to the surgical correction of prominent ears and is a form of cosmetic ear surgery. You can opt for this surgery if you want to change the size, shape, and position of your ears

In addition to balancing, you can correctly proportion your ears and face to enhance the natural shape of the former body part using this procedure.

Preparing Yourself for Otoplasty

Consulting a good plastic surgeon should be on the top of your checklist. Be careful in choosing a surgeon that has the necessary experience and qualifications needed for carrying out a successful otoplasty.

In your first consultation, your medical history will be reviewed where you need to answer questions about your present and past medical conditions, especially those related to the ear. After that, your surgeon will carry out a physical examination of your ears to take a look at its placement, shape, size, and symmetry.

Communication is very important here. Speak to your plastic surgeon and ask him every question that you can think of, and he should also be more than willing to answer. Explain why you want otoplasty as well. 

Along with your surgeon, make sure that you have explored all your treatment options before settling on a procedure. Finally, ask your doctor to tell you about the potential risks related to otoplasty and whether or not you’re a good candidate for ear surgery.

Based on the kind of correction that is required, otoplasty techniques will always vary. Depending on the technique determined, your plastic surgeon will make incisions on different locations. Typically, you may find these incisions either within the inner creases or on the back of the ears.

Sometimes doctors even remove any excess skin and cartilage while performing the surgery. If they do decide to remove the excess cartilage, they will fold the cartilage as needed and then do internal stitching to secure it.

What can You Expect Before and After Ear Pinning Surgery?

Before Otoplasty

You need to visit either a hospital or an outpatient surgical facility to carry out otoplasty. While children are given a general anesthetic, adults are usually operated under local anesthetic.

After Otoplasty

After the surgery is carried out, your ears will be covered in bandages. This is done to provide support and protection to your ears.

Your doctor will prescribe pain medications to ease any discomfort and itching that you might face. However, if you find the discomfort increasing, visit the doctor immediately.

Takeaway Thoughts

Not necessarily a surgical cosmetic procedure that you need to be scared of, otoplasty can be great, provided you have the right doctor. The entire process will be over within two hours and the change in the appearance of your ears will be instant.

Furthermore, you can ask your doctor for revision surgery as well if you aren’t happy with the way your ears look.

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