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Many often think of skincare treatments as treatments and procedures that can help reverse damage from the sun—especially during the summer months. But if you only turn to skincare treatments for the summer, you are missing out on  several seasons’ worth of treatment options. Seasonal cosmetic treatments are perfect for people looking for something fresh and different when it comes to skincare.  

Autumn Skincare Treatments

With summer winding down and autumn coming up, it’s important to transition your skincare routine with the changing of the seasons. Increased oil flow in the summer can still be occurring and when coupled with the cooler air of the fall, layers of buildup on the surface of the skin can occur, making your skin look dry and dull.

In the autumn, look for treatments that boost hydration and change up your moisturizer especially if your skin begins to feel dry with your current routine. Booking a facial with fall-inspired blends of essential oils such as cinnamon and nutmeg could be just what your skin needs to adapt to the season.

Winter Skincare Treatments

Wintertime brings different aggravators and triggers for potential skin troubles. In many places, winter ushers in cold weather and low humidity which can cause skin to dry out. This is a great time to book an exfoliation treatment to scrub away dry, dead skin and leave hydrated and nourished skin. Many spas and skincare treatment locations offer holiday themes during the winter such as peppermint, chocolate, pumpkin, and coffee.

The upside for doing an exfoliation treatment in the winter is that you can carefully and easily monitor and limit your sun exposure. Laser therapy can create micro-channels that help serums infuse deeper into your skin, ease winter dryness, and improve the appearance of wrinkles and scars.

Maintaining skin moisture and hydration is key during the colder months. A buildup of dry skin can give skin a lackluster and dull appearance, and so many add body creams to their regular skincare routines during the wintertime. Although a hot shower in the winter might seem like a wonderful activity when it is cold, a hot shower can actually dehydrate and dry your skin out even more. Always moisturize your body following a shower any time of the year to lock in moisture.

When the seasons change, so do your skin’s needs. With the transition of the hot and humid weather of summer into the cooler weather of fall, be extra aware of how your skin adapts to the changing weather. When the cold, dry winter hits, be armed with moisturizers and body creams to keep your skin hydrated. And while you are at it, check out seasonal treatments for your skin for an extra boost of nutrients and love for your skin.

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