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Rhinoplasty is among the most requested elective surgeries in Beverly Hills, and with the newest techniques and sophisticated technology, it’s becoming more popular than ever. The procedure makes it possible for anyone ready to change their nose’s appearance to do so without the side effects or complication risks of the past.

So, what are patients in Beverly Hills currently requesting when it comes to nose jobs, and what hot trends are surgeons consistently seeing pop up during their consultations? Well, there are several.

Keep reading to learn more about these latest trends in Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgery.

Social Media’s Influence

Due to the prevalence of social media, patients in Beverly Hills have access to heightened standards of beauty every day. The ability to “follow” your favorite models and actors, along with your beautiful friends from high school, have a direct effect on how you may feel about your own looks.

Many aesthetic features become popular on social media and become highly sought after standards of beauty. Then there are also digital filters and editing tools that add to the illusion of having a specific nose shape is ubiquitous, leading patients in Beverly Hills to request that oh-so-familiar look for their selfies and personal satisfaction.

Subtle Results

Beverly Hills has a reputation for being extravagant in almost everything, and the types of nose jobs requested in the past have also fallen into that category. For example, a couple of decades ago, patients were more accepting of surgically enhanced noses that were noticeably different from their original noses, often requesting the popular upturned look of the past that didn’t necessarily fit the rest of their facial features.

Today, however, patients in Beverly Hills are much more concerned with having a natural look that actually fits their face. Nose jobs that organically enhance the facial features rather than completely changing one’s looks altogether are among the hottest cosmetic trends of today.

Preservation Techniques

Rhinoplasty surgeons in Beverly Hills who have the education, experience, and skills to successfully preserve as much as possible of a patient’s natural nose structure while providing the desired results are highly sought after. 

It’s important to note, when surgeons decide it’s appropriate to preserve more cartilage and bone, the result is a more functional nose with a significantly lower risk of complications. That means the patient not only looks great but can also breathe and smell with no issues.

Non-Surgical Requests

One aspect of nose jobs that hasn’t changed is that many patients in Beverly Hills are extremely anxious about the idea of undergoing surgery. Worries about anesthesia, the possibility of scarring, and an uncomfortable and extended recovery time keep a lot of patients up at night. These fears have only risen due to the occasional horror stories that circulate on social media.

Given these fears, non-surgical rhinoplasty has become trendy in recent years as a viable option for enhancing one’s looks without many of the common risks associated with traditional rhinoplasty. For instance, with the aid of injectable fillers, skilled surgeons are able to subtly reshape a patient’s nose over a lunch break with no scarring and no need for downtime.

Personalized Approach

Today’s surgeons in Beverly Hills are responsive to the fact that patients nowadays want and deserve a personalized treatment plan from start to finish. The best surgeons are meeting this demand by offering comprehensive consultations for patients to discuss their goals.

They allow for plenty of time to address patients’ questions and concerns throughout the surgical process. They also make it their priority to provide a customized after-care plan that takes into account the patient’s support system and lifestyle, and everything is specifically tailored to their circumstances.

Ethnic Rhinoplasty

It’s become customary to acknowledge and respect the physical differences between people of varying ethnicities. In turn, Beverly Hills rhinoplasty surgeons are fielding more requests for nose jobs that enhance the nose while still preserving the ethnic characteristics and identity of the patient.

Ethnic rhinoplasty surgeons not only comprehend but are sensitive to the desire to stay true to one’s ethnicity and perform surgery with this in mind. 

High-Tech Advancementsrhinoplasty

Sought-after rhinoplasty surgeons throughout Beverly Hills can access the latest and greatest technology to better serve their patients. For example, 3D imaging is now utilized to get a clear view of all of the angles of a patient’s nose, including the interior.

This cool technology means surgeons can see a patient’s nose in much more detail than they previously could, and patients then receive a treatment plan that takes into account the intricacies before going under the knife. This absolutely yields better results, as does the capability for patients to picture themselves after surgery is completed.

Different Requests

Patients in Beverly Hills used to regularly visit plastic surgeons and request the ever-popular up-turned nose, which was commonly seen on celebrities. Today’s requests tend to skew towards straighter lines and more natural-looking nose tips that may still turn upward depending on the patient’s facial features and goals. However, even when they do, they tend not to be nearly as dramatic.

The Zoom Influence

Due to COVID-19 and the need to conduct everyday life, including school and work, over video conferencing, patients are now seeing themselves on screen much more frequently. This shift led to many people feeling unsettled about their looks, given the poor lighting and pixelation.

In turn, requests for rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills began to see an uptick with the emergence of video conferencing, and it’s continuing to trend toward subtle nose refinements that patients believe look better when viewed through screens.

The Two-for-One Surgery

In Beverly Hills, it’s also in style for cosmetic surgeons to perform surgery on a patient’s chin while addressing the nose. Because surgeons have become more knowledgeable about facial symmetry and how changing one part of the face impacts another, it’s much more common these days to look more closely at other facial characteristics that could benefit from refinement.

This two-for-one approach results in patients receiving a more symmetrical overall appearance, which is, of course, highly sought-after. And because technological advancements have allowed for more sophisticated surgical techniques, like smaller incisions and more precise imaging, patients can ask for chin augmentations alongside rhinoplasty and still experience less bruising, swelling, scarring, and downtime. A quick and easy healing process is always on trend.

Key Takeaways

These hot trends are driving the rise of rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, and it’s exciting to witness. However, rhinoplasty surgery still carries risks and potential complications, so it’s important to always seek the guidance of a licensed and reputable nose job surgeon for advice on your unique situation. A skilled plastic surgeon will work with you to give you the new look you desire that is 100% on trend.

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