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If you’re currently researching laser exfoliation or resurfacing laser treatments, you might have already chanced upon the words: Clear + Brilliant Laser Exfoliation.

This laser treatment will effectively exfoliate your skin using a laser. Not only will it improve the overall appearance of your skin tones and texture, but it will also help reduce fine lines. Almost instantly, you can see how the treatment will leave you with clear skin and improved texture.

Nevertheless, the prospect of going for an exfoliation treatment can still be daunting, and you might also be having questions. Read on as we discuss what exactly Clear and Brilliant Laser Exfoliation treatment can do for you.

What can Clear + Brilliant treatment do for your skin?

It can target signs of aging, improve the appearance of your pores, skin tone and texture. This gentle laser focuses on the dermal layers of your skin to give you brilliant skin – or at least skin that comes very close to it. It will also prevent and reduce sun damage and any pigment buildup.

What kind of tool is used to carry out this treatment?

Using a rolling handpiece, your skin doctor will focus the laser energy on your skin. This energy then travels deeply through the skin layers, bringing the debris to the skin, by healing and removing skin cells from the inside out.

In terms of how you will feel when the rolling handpiece touches your skin, it’ll give you a slightly prickling sensation with an increasing degree of heat. Not at all harmful though!

Do you need to numb your skin before taking the treatment?

Yes, it is recommended to numb the skin to make the treatment more tolerable. As mentioned above, the laser energy penetrates deeply through your skin with increasing heat intensity that, in the absence of numbness, can feel a little bit uncomfortable.  Your doctor’s office will usually apply a topical numbing cream on your skin areas to be treated 15-20 minutes in advance.

It should also be noted that the Clear + Brilliant treatment is also very quick and has minimal downtime, which makes it very similar to the Deka laser exfoliation treatment.

Are there different stages of this treatment? If yes, what happens to the skin as you proceed?

After finishing your treatment, your skin might feel hot for about two hours, giving it a reddish appearance. There will also be some initial inflammation that will become more prominent the following day.

Your skin will eventually start feeling tight and dry, which is why you need to keep moisturizing it several times throughout the day or as recommended. Basically, don’t forget to moisturize—then moisturize some more!

We would also like to point out that as your skin is essentially healing from the inside out, it might look slightly rougher over the days to come, but it’ll all eventually shed leaving you with clear and brilliant skin. Keep in mind that the entire process will last for about 8 to 10 days, and is usually very mild.  This is why you don’t really have to plan to go into hiding for that long!

What should you do for post-treatment cleansing and skincare?

Once you’re done with the treatment, you need to look after your skin vigilantly as it is, of course, much more sensitive. Don’t rub, scrub, or exfoliate your skin for at least seven days post-treatment no matter how much you’d want to do, especially when the skin starts to tighten – patience, rather resistance is a virtue in this case!

You should use a gentle cleanser or moisturizer as you deem fit and stay away from occlusive products like facial oil or face balms. Mineral makeup is much more preferable as well. 

However, the most important thing here is the regular and diligent application of sunscreen. In fact, you should wear sunscreen even when it’s winter. You see, your skin needs time to heal which is why you need to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun for at least three months. SPF protection will also help you prolong the signs of aging and control any pigmentation problems. 

If you are prone to sweating heavily, reapply sunscreen periodically throughout the day. 

How many treatments can you opt for and how long will the results last?

We’ll suggest getting three treatments with 4 to 6 weeks in between for optimal results.

The best thing about this laser exfoliation treatment is instant results. Within just 7 to 10 days, you’ll see the difference which will only get enhanced after 12 weeks when new collagen development takes place.

Concluding thoughts

The Clear + Brilliant laser treatment is suitable for every skin color and skin type. As it mostly focuses on banishing the signs of aging and targeting open pores, unwanted sun damage and hyperpigmentation—you’ll soon realize how aptly this treatment is named.

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