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When you make the decision to get a rhinoplasty procedure or nose job, you may have your ideal type of nose in mind. On the other hand, you may have no idea what you want, beyond the fact that you know you want your nose to look different. In this blog we’ll go over some common considerations you should keep in mind. First and foremost, there is no one size fits all nose. What looks good on one person won’t necessarily look good on you. So keep an open mind when you go in for your initial consultation. Here’s what else you should keep in mind. 


You want your nose to just be another part of your face. Not the most prominent thing, and not the most noticeable thing either. You may hear your plastic surgeon refer to facial symmetry. This means that your ideal nose is not a set size or shape. It needs to be determined in conjunction with the contours of your face (forehead slope, chin size, etc.) and the size of your other prominent facial features (the eyes and mouth). A good nose lets beautiful eyes and a shapely mouth do the talking, so to speak! 

Ethnic considerations

Your plastic surgeon should take into consideration your natural ethnic features, if applicable, in order to ensure your nose remains true to you. A rhinoplasty should result in a nose that is still you…not a completely different one. For example, Asian noses sometimes have lower nasal bridges. A good surgeon can lift the nasal bridge, if you so desire, yet still keep the essence of your nose there. They are there to help you improve upon the proportions of your face, while still staying true to your origins.

Have specifics in mind

Know exactly what you’d like changed in all parts of your nose. Keep in mind there are several parts that make up the nose, such as the bridge, tip, and nostrils. What do you think about your bridge? Have you considered the shape of your nostrils? What about the tip of your nose? Know the answers to these questions beforehand, so you aren’t caught off guard by your doctor asking about that area. You don’t want to agree to it or disagree to it without truly thinking about that part. This way, you take care of everything in one procedure, and are left feeling completely satisfied with your results. Need some inspiration? Read about the different nose types here

Whatever your goals, the number one “secret” to getting the perfect nose job is to go with an experienced, reputable plastic surgeon. Make sure you see plenty of examples of their work, including similar cases to what you want done and pre-surgery noses similar to yours. 

To see some examples of Dr. Torkian’s work, see this example of a female rhinoplasty and this example of a male rhinoplasty. 

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