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The Talent Side of Beauty with Hayley Littman

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  • The importance of reaching success by being yourself and bringing out that “certain something” that is unique about you, and how Hayley helps her clients find that.
  • Hayley explains that having a role model to look up to or a mentor is great in the acting business, but not losing yourself to become that person is crucial.
  • How influencers are seen as raw talent and are slowly getting into the TV and movie industry by just being themselves and being followed by a huge audience.
  • Hayley sees the process of an actor connecting with its character, as a full circle: finding common characteristics between the actor and the character is key.
  • Hayley believes she is different from her competitors because she takes the time to talk and connect with her clients on a deeper level, instead of rushing the meetings and acting like a talent factory.
  • Due to the digital transformation that we are living and the growth of streaming platforms, Hayley thinks it’s important for actors to be open minded and accept this possible change in the acting industry.

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