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Unlocking Youthful Radiance

Are you interested in getting a facelift in Los Angeles but want to avoid surgery? Years ago, this was not an option, but today, the idea of a non-surgical facelift is a reality. We offer a range of non-invasive facelifts in Los Angeles to our clients. While it may be hard to imagine how you can get a more youthful, lifted, smooth face without surgery, we will introduce you to our successful types of non-surgical facelifts and answer some of our patients’ frequently asked questions about these treatment options.

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Facelift

The benefits of a non-surgical facelift, like the ones we offer in the Beverly Hills area, are that you get great results with minimal downtime. Our non-invasive facelift techniques allow for natural results with tighter skin, fewer wrinkles, and a more youthful look. And on top of that, our patients have minimal recovery time which means little time off work and a quick return to daily activities.

For patients who are not willing or able to take 2-3 weeks off work for recovery from a traditional facelift, the non-surgical options can be an excellent alternative. Another benefit is that non-surgical facelifts tend to be a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift. A facelift without surgery also generally results in less pain and less risk of complication.

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Expected Results From a Non-Surgical Facelift

The reality is that a surgical facelift in Beverly Hills will produce more drastic results than a non-surgical one. In our Los Angeles offices, Dr. Torkian has performed many types of facelifts, and knows that while the results are not as extensive with a non-invasive facelift, there are notable benefits to these procedures. Non-surgical facelifts can give results that last for years and are especially good at providing volume and smoothing out wrinkles.

Types of Non-Surgical Facelifts

Non-surgical facelifts are really a combination of non-invasive procedures that we customize to target your personal goals and areas for improvement. Common treatments included in a non-surgical facelift can be:

Dermal Fillers

These are injectable solutions that give volume to areas of the face. Dermal fillers are known for decreasing wrinkles, reducing hollow areas of the face, and minimizing indentations from scars. We often use these on the lower areas of your face, for instance, to target lines between your mouth and nose, lines from the sides of your mouth down to your chin, or to plump cheeks. We have a range of dermal fillers made of different materials and will explain our recommendations to you. The most commonly used ones – like Restylane and Juvederm – contain hyaluronic acid. Dr. Torkian also offers a filler called Volbella that is particularly good for adding volume to your lips.

Lasers & IPL

There is a group of treatments we offer that use non-invasive methods like ultrasound waves, laser, or concentrated light. These options result in tighter skin, smoother skin tone, reduction of brown/age spots, and fewer wrinkles. Our patients can have these procedures done on areas of the face as well as the neck and chest. Ultherapy is an especially popular option for non-surgical facial enhancements. By stimulating your body’s natural collagen-making process, Ultherapy gives many patients excellent results without an invasive treatment.


If you have excess fat under your chin – or what’s commonly called a double chin – Kybella can be a beneficial part of a non-invasive facelift. Some of our Los Angeles patients specifically request this treatment, which results in a firm chin and enhanced jaw line. In the past, the only treatment for a double chin was liposuction. However, FDA-approved Kybella now allows patients to eliminate unwanted fat from the chin area without a surgical procedure.


This is one of the best-known non-invasive facial treatments. Botox is included in many types of non-surgical facelifts, and it works by relaxing muscles in your face. This reduces wrinkles you have and can even work to help minimize future wrinkles. Patients who have Botox can go right back to work or running errands without worrying about taking time away from their busy day.

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