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Combining Facelift with Chin Augmentation, Neck Lift, and Dimpleplasty

Three popular facial procedures we combine with a facelift are chin augmentation, neck lift, and dimpleplasty. These facial procedures can be done as stand-alone treatments or combined with a facelift. Why would people want to combine these specific procedures with a facelift? Let’s look at each one, and we’ll show you. But first, a quick recap of what a facelift does:

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If someone had a facelift decades ago, it was basically a skin-tightening procedure. A surgeon would take sagging skin on the face, pull it tight, and reattach it. This is why the facelifts of decades ago tended to look unnatural. Today, we know it is NOT just the skin that should be given attention during a proper facelift. Fortunately, medical techniques have evolved, and with the combination of innovative equipment and education and the true excellence of Dr. Torkian’s skill, a beautiful and natural facelift is what our patients. During a facelift, we carefully tighten and adjust the facial muscles, because the muscles are responsible for the foundation of the face shape and movement. We can also adjust fat where needed, and then, of course, the last step is tightening loose skin to finish the lifted and youthful look.

Beyond a Facelift

Although a facelift is a comprehensive procedure that addresses many aspects of a patient's goals for a rejuvenated look, sometimes there are additional goals a patient has. In these cases, we can combine other popular facial procedures with the facelift. For example:

Chin Augmentation

It is easy to forget about how important the chin is to someone’s appearance. The chin plays an important role in the shape and silhouette of the face. Chin augmentation candidates do not have the chin definition they’d like, or they find as they age, their chin has receded. For these reasons, we sometimes perform a chin augmentation (also called a mentoplasty or chin implant) at the same time as a facelift. A chin implant or chin augmentation can be an excellent complement to a facelift.

We perform a chin augmentation by inserting a chin implant through a small incision. The recovery time is less than the recovery time for a facelift, so a chin augmentation does not typically add to the overall recovery time if you choose a facelift and chin augmentation combination. A chin augmentation generally costs under $5,000, and costs may be lower when chin augmentation is combined with a facelift. You can visit our chin lift before and after gallery to see the structure and definition a chin implant can give to the face.

The benefit of a chin augmentation with a facelift is the ability to improve the shape of your face and create a more well-defined jawline. While planning your facelift, you will have the ability to discuss the desired changes to your face in detail, and adding a chin augmentation allows us to customize the chin and jawline definition while we also plan for enhancements to the rest of the face. This minimally invasive procedure can be a safe and beneficial addition to a facelift for those who do not have the jaw shape they desire.

If you believe you are a candidate for a chin augmentation or chin implant with a facelift, we are happy to give you more details.

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Neck Lift

If you’ve decided to have a facelift to address drooping or sagging in your face, you may find those telltale signs of aging in your neck as well. Many patients tell us that as long as they’re having surgical improvements to their face, they’re considering addressing the loose skin on their neck as well. A common concern is that if the face becomes smoother, younger, and more lifted-looking, wrinkles or sagging in the neck may stand out more. For patients who are interested in having a tighter, more toned, youthful look on their necks, we offer a neck lift with a facelift combination.

Learn More About Neck Lifts

The Power of Combining a Neck Lift with a Facelift

A neck lift is a natural addition to a facelift. We’ve discussed how a facelift involves lifting the muscles – not just the skin – and this is very similar to a neck lift. Although many people think they have sagging skin, causing their neck to look aged, in many cases, the real problem is sagging muscle. These muscles can be tightened, improving the entire appearance of the neck. Sometimes, the neck also has excess fat, and we are able to address this as well. The recovery time for a neck lift is generally quick: many of our patients return to work within a week. After that, any remaining swelling can often be disguised with clothing and is usually not noticeable except to people who know you well. When combining a neck lift with a facelift, the recovery time is generally not any longer than that of a facelift alone.

Patients can expect a tighter, smoother neck and the elimination of excess fat, hanging skin, or the ‘turkey neck’ that many people want to be rid of. Since the neck is the natural extension of the face, a neck lift combined with a facelift is a customized procedure we are asked for often. Our facelift with neck lift before and after gallery will let you see how significant a role the neck has in giving a youthful appearance.

Nationally, the price of a neck lift ranges from $5,000 – $11,000. A neck lift with a facelift combination may be more cost-effective than having each procedure separately.

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