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With age comes wisdom, loose skin, and droopy facial features. The facelift is the perfect procedure to eliminate evidence of time and old age from the face and neck. Though there are a variety of anti-aging beauty treatments and products to consider, none are more effective than the deep plane facelift.

Loose, sagging skin is synonymous with growing older, but with a deep plane facelift, it doesn’t have to be. The procedure is advanced and one of the most sought-after cosmetic treatments across the country. Anyone contemplating the procedure should review how Dr. Torkian, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, performs the deep plane facelift procedure.

What Is a Deep Plane Facelift?

The term deep plane facelift refers to the advanced cosmetic facelift techniques used in the procedure. Standard facelift procedures utilize harsh removal practices to transform the face. The deep plane facelift involves releasing and redistributing skin, fat, and connective tissues underneath the cheeks, neck, and jawline. Deep plane facial revisions lift and tighten to create a firmer and younger appearance. Remodeling the deep plane structures of the face is necessary to strengthen its foundation and provide consistent results that last much longer than alternative cosmetic facial procedures.

Exceptional skill and practical knowledge derived from years of performing countless facelifts using advanced reconstruction techniques are necessary. Dr. Torkian is an expert at various facial rejuvenation procedures, especially deep plane facelifts. He routinely performs them at the Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery Clinic in Beverly Hills, California.

How Does Dr. Torkian Perform Deep Plane Facelifts?

Deep Plane FaceliftTo preserve patients’ ability to smile, frown and make other facial expressions, Dr. Torkian uses deep plane techniques to release the zygomatic ligaments attached to the deep layers in the mid-facial area to eliminate sagging and restore fullness to the cheeks without adding implants, fillers, or fat tissues. He also releases the masseteric and mandibular ligaments to lift and redefine the jawline naturally. This helps preserve proper superficial musculoaponeurotic system function without tension and restrictions. The procedure does not compromise facial movements and expressions.

Modifying the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer also lifts the nasolabial folds and the heart-shaped center of the face, leaving behind a rejuvenated appearance. The layer of collagen, elastin fibers, and other substances that make up the connective tissue of the superficial musculoaponeurotic system play a vital role in facial expressions. Changes made to this special layer can have a dramatic effect on appearance.

The superficial musculoaponeurotic system is also known as the SMAS. It runs underneath the skin of the neck to the forehead. Aging naturally causes the SMAS to lose its firmness, leading to saggy, flappy, and sunken facial skin. When the muscles, fat tissues, collagen, and elastin start to break down, and volume decreases, the features of the face begin to droop and become unbalanced. This also has a dramatic effect on the mimetic muscles in the face as well.

There are over 20 mimetic muscles located all over the face, responsible for chewing and facial expressions. These muscles also impact facial skin’s pliability and firmness. The deep plane facelift reconstructs the SMAS and restores volume and balance to the skin and appearance.

What makes the deep plane facelift so successful at restoring volume and suppleness is that Dr. Torkian leaves more skin and muscle tissues intact to prevent overtightening. This also prevents the gaunt and too-tight look associated with more conventional facelift procedures, especially those of the past.

Dr. Torkian also performs the surgical procedure in a way that eliminates the need for filler or fat redistribution. He makes corrections to certain areas underneath the cheeks to restore fleshiness and suppleness to the skin above. This allows him to leave more skin tissue intact and work within smaller areas of the face to preserve natural contours and features. Patients continue to look like themselves, only younger, and are more confident about the natural, yet pleasant changes left behind.

Benefits of the Deep Plane Facelift

Minimal Evidence –The procedure effectively tightens the cheeks, jawline, and neck areas without tarnishing or impacting the natural features and contours of the face. Deep plane facelift patients are satisfied with the procedure because, after the recovery period, there’s practically no visual evidence or dramatic bruising and swelling that indicates they’ve had work done or cosmetic surgery.

This facelift technique is ideal for anyone unsatisfied with the signs of aging due to collagen, elastin, and skin volume loss due. It’s also suitable for those who want to have some work done on their faces but have anxieties about artificial, inorganic, or extreme and unpleasant results.

Fewer Procedure and Healing Risks –The deep plane facelift also promotes faster healing and recovery time for patients. Faster healing times decrease complication risks and increase procedure efficacy to provide more consistent results for better outcomes. Deep plane facelift patients are more satisfied with their results and enjoy them longer.

More Consistent and Desirable Results – The techniques used to perform the deep plane facelift, along with Dr. Torkian’s expertise as a plastic surgeon, enhance results, boost satisfaction and provide long-term effects. The procedure is precise because it doesn’t employ the same lifting and pulling techniques or fat redistribution as many comparable procedures. The results are more organic and naturally rejuvenating to the facial skin.

Aging is normal, but that’s no reason to be reminded daily of the physical effects of gravity on the face and body. Anyone concerned about creases and wrinkles around their eyes, mouth, nose, and neck, sagging skin, or sunken eyes and eyeshadows should consider how Dr. Torkian performs the deep plane facelift and schedule a consultation with Dr. Torkian at Torkian Facial Plastic Surgery to learn how it can help them achieve their antiaging and beauty goals.

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